Recent Events: 10 Sept ’39

8 Sept:Polish defenders at Westerplatte surrendered
9 Sept: Battle of the Bzura begins.
9 Sept: British Expeditionary Forces (BEF) began landing in France.
10 Sept: Canada declared war on Germany.


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Der Heilige Flamme des Törzburg

Thor takes a long pull on his pipe before pulling a small oilskin wrapped object from inside his coat.  Untying the parcel, he reveals a small leather-bound journal and what looks like a piece of ancient tapestry. "This is the the only image we have of the Holy Flame," he begins, laying the scrap of tapestry in front of him. "It has been in the possession of the Orden der Brüder vom Deutschen Haus St. Mariens in Jerusalem since 1215, when it was discovered, created...the record is unclear on this point.  When Hochmeister Heinrich von Plauen died in 1413 it was secretly sealed with him in his tomb.  It is this tomb the Nazi's have been looking for as it is a closely guarded secret. Only the current Hochmeister and his deputy know the site.  The Hochmeister is safe at the Vatican, where he was visiting when Germany invaded and where he will stay until the Holy Flame is safe.  His deputy stands before you now, ready to lead you to the tomb." Thor takes another few puffs off his pipe before he continues, "No one is really sure what the Holy Flame does, it is a matter of conjecture.  Even when it was hidden in 1413 it hadn't been used in almost two centuries.  As the legend goes, it gives the user the ability to see enemies for what they are, to wield the power of the Almighty to illuminate one's foes and to strike them down from afar. It was said it was too powerful for humans to wield wisely and so the Order kept it hidden and safe so if it ever needed to be used again, it would be ready.  Along with the artifact is a manuscript that is said to detail how to make use of the Holy Flame.  My guess is that Herr Hitler and his thugs heard that legend somewhere and they now seek the Holy Flame for themselves.  Hitler has already denounced our order, banning our very existence on German soil, even though he uses our symbols and identity to promote his war.  He holds nothing sacred and will use anything to gain what he desires.  With such an animal desiring possession of the Holy Flame, it was decided that I would lead you to it and put it in safe hands for the duration of the war." Thor carefully taps out his pipe and begins to clean it, "Now I suppose you have more questions for me?'    

6 comments to Der Heilige Flamme des Törzburg

  • IC: “Yeah, dat ting sounds like some major mung-go, boss, soze we ain’t gonna let dat skeeve Hitlah get his doity mits on it, dat’s fo shuah!”

  • Suez: “It’s a distinctive looking thing, that’s for sure. I never saw anything I’d call a miracle, but there are plenty of holy relics and fabulous tales from the Crusades still circulating about the Middle East. Not to cast any aspersions on your order, Thor, but do we know for certain that this is more than just another sham sliver of the True Cross?”

  • Casually pulling a cigarette out, Lucky questions, “So, why not use it now? You said it yourself that the Teutonic Knights…your order, have kept it hidden until needed to be used again.” Placing the cigarette between his lips to prepare to light, he mutters, “Now, would seem like a good time.”

  • Bob Gamemaster

    Thor smiles grimly, “Suez, you mean like how our brother order, the Templars, have been rumored to have a sliver of the true cross, the Ark of the Covenant, and the Holy Grail at different times? Your skepticism is well-earned as trade in finger bones of Saints and artifacts too numerous to claim are an industry as ancient as religion itself. I cannot guarantee anything. Truth has a way of becoming legend, and legend becomes myths and the truth of the Holy Flame has been handed down for over 500 years now. Each telling open to reinterpretation and exaggeration. What I do know, is that Hitler wants the object and denying him that pleasure is almost reason enough for this mission. The additional incentive that the Nazis may believe that the British hold a power of divine might also works to our advantage. My belief is that the Holy Flame is anything but mundane, but it may not be the supernatural weapon some may think it is.”

    “Now, Lucky is it? Suez already gave one reason we haven’t used it, it may not even work. Another is that it is a weapon. A gun does not care who it is pointed at and why, or who pulls its trigger. It is the wielder who makes those decisions. Guns can be taken away and used by others. Even with a gun, one cannot lay claim to being safe. The council of the order deemed the Holy Flame was too powerful to be safely wielded. Inevitably it would fall into someone’s hands who felt the ends justified the means. Besides, Europe falls into wars regularly, which war would you like us to use it for, for which side? Napoleon against the British? The British Against Napoleon? The Poles against the Germans? The Czechs against Germany, Hungary and Poland? Assuming the artifact had the power, we would be replacing one dictator for another.”

    • Staring cooly at Thor, ignoring the verbal barbs and waving out the match, “Well, then clearly we need not concern ourselves anymore with this fairy tale. We are the mooks for this job, ja?”

  • During the entire exchange, Scope is obviously struggling with himself; he says nothing, and furiously polishes his bullets.

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