Recent Events: 10 Sept ’39

8 Sept:Polish defenders at Westerplatte surrendered
9 Sept: Battle of the Bzura begins.
9 Sept: British Expeditionary Forces (BEF) began landing in France.
10 Sept: Canada declared war on Germany.


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Going to the Chapel – Coda

As the panicked crowd surges around them, Suez and Lucky struggle for the door.  Suez almost goes down as a family stampedes in unison, but Lucky is there to keep him on his feet and the two finally manage to get out of the building in front of the majority of the congregation.   Inside things rise to a fever pitch as SS troops try to get into the building against the fleeing crowd. Outside things are only marginally better as the roads surrounding the church are quickly becoming packed.  The three soldiers remaining at the northern checkpoint are overwhelmed by the crowd and their own curiosity regarding what is happening in the church.  Thor's group passes with ease and a few minutes later, Suez and Lucky do as well.  Scope continues to head in the last known direction of his comrades and, with a bit of luck, spots them in the distance.  Everyone groups up briefly after rounding the corner and dropping out of site. Thor quickly breaks out a map of Danzig and shows you where you all have to go (see map above).  "We will be in a river boat, part of a small convoy heading to Bromberg, south on the Vistula.  We will be getting off at Marienwerder, the Poles call it Kwidzyn.  The artifact is there, but you will need me to find it.  Let us not delay here, I will explain more at the boat." With that, Thor urges everyone to break up into small groups  and follow himself and Seven.  The path turns back to the water and through a crowded farmers market, now even more crowded with refugees from the church.  You hear sirens in the distance and note several Opel Blitz trucks loaded with soldiers heading towards the church.  Breaking out your maps of Poland, you see that Marienwerder is approximately 90km from Danzig via the Vistula, with another 5km overland to arrive at the city proper. GM Notes:
  • I saw no reason to do a round by round "fleeing the church" scene once Suez and Lucky cleared, and I did all the notice rolls for the SS and for Scope to catch up.
  • Suez, you had to spend a benny to get out of the building.  Your first agility roll was outstandingly bad.
  • Scope, you had to spend a benny to keep track of your comrades.
  • The attached Danzig map has the location of the Haaken and the Inn you stayed at in case you want to send anyone to either location.  Thor stresses time is of the essence.
  • There is time during the walk for individuals to move up to, and fall back from, Thor, if people want to ask simple questions.  He will put anyone off regarding the artifact until the riverboat has safely left Danzig.

7 comments to Going to the Chapel – Coda

  • OOC: If we have all our stuff, then I guess we would not need to go back to the inn. If we don’t, then two people should go back and collect our things and meet us at the barge.

    IC: Thor, do you have papers for us to use during the trip, or will our current papers work? How long will the boat trip take to get there? Do you have any other weapons we can use? Explosives? Any other supplies we should know about? Do you expect any checkpoints along the river? …I’m sure I’ll have more once we are underway.

    • Bob Gamemaster

      Thor replies, “We have to make a few stops along the way, so it will take a day, 24 hours. We are part of a civilian resupply convoy for the German military, carrying grains and food mostly, so we will be checked, but we should be fine, and the boat has a secure hiding place. Weapons I can help you with once we are on board, but explosives I cannot.

  • Seven is brooding for several minutes then says: “They are on our trail. They had Thor’s photo and knew where to look for him. We are indeed pressed for time. The sooner we are on our way, the better. We will need as much of a head start as we can get.”

  • OOC: I’m pretty sure Knuckles didn’t leave anything at the inn, we are traveling light after all. I will follow along behind Thor, continuing to provide security.

  • Lighting a cigarette, Lucky moves out toward the front, passing Scope and nodding approvingly to him, “Nice.” As the group makes its way through the streets, he watches for any opportunity to get out of site, should the need arise. At one point, he drops back to Thor and casually asks, “So, you are not Polish?”

    • Bob Gamemaster

      Thor laughs at the question, “I was born in East Prussia, to Prussian parents, but I have lived in Danzig most of my life. Danzig is a strange town, torn between Poland and Germany. I think it is diminished without both people, but I am not the one making decisions. In many ways I am the good German. I was once young, like yourself, and full of great ideals and fought in the Great War, for the Kaiser and my country, and fame and glory. Instead I watched our country slowly collapse because of its pride and ambition. Now I watch Germany being used by Hitler and his thugs for god knows what and will it end any better? Every German feels strongly about Danzig, but this…this is nothing to be proud of. I may be German, but I have no love for Herr Hitler, and evidently, he has no love for me and my brothers.”

  • OOC: Leaving tomorrow morning for the cabin. Won’t be back until Sunday night. Kevin, would you mind running Lucky in my absence? Otherwise, I’ll entrust his remaining nine lives to the GM…

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