Recent Events: 10 Sept ’39

8 Sept:Polish defenders at Westerplatte surrendered
9 Sept: Battle of the Bzura begins.
9 Sept: British Expeditionary Forces (BEF) began landing in France.
10 Sept: Canada declared war on Germany.


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Going to the Chapel Pt. 2

In the Church:

Scope flings a burning hymnal across the church.  Spiraling across the hushed congregation, it streams ashes and sparks before it impacts the back of a pew, sending a cloud of smoke and flames in all directions. It then lands in a pile of woolen coats and oilskins, the flames threatening to spread to the clothing.  Scattered screams and shouts meet the event but most of the parishioners are too surprised to act yet. Suez moves to the aisle, filling his hands with bills and coins to sow more confusion amongst the large crowd, while Lucky conceals his readied weapon and closes the distance with the SS soldiers.  The soldiers, as well as other people, are beginning to turn their heads and attention towards the noise and confusion caused by the fire. Chapel of the Sea: Röcke and Seven ready their weapons so, with a quick flip of the wrist, they will be out of their jackets and ready to use. Thor looks increasingly flustered, then suddenly a grim smile comes to his face as he reaches into his jacket and says, "ahhhh, here it is."   The three agents suddenly see Knuckles smiling face appear behind the oblivious SS soldiers, his weapon at the ready inside his jacket.  The SS Commander's looks quickly back and forth between the three men in front of him, a sudden realization coming to his face...perhaps too late.  You notice that some of the people in the chapel have started slowly filtering out of the chapel.  They have already learned that no matter which side of the war you are on, no good can come of being too close to, or nosy about, an SS Officer asking for papers.  You dimly hear some noise from the chapel, but your attention is focused on the SS Officer in front of you. GM Notes: Everyone readying weapons have the drop on their targets.  That means you have a held action this round against them and can go whenever you want and you get a +4 to attack and damage rolls.  If you want to aim for the head/vitals, thats a -4 to attack (0 modifier overall) and an additional +4 to damage (+8 overall).  Scope got a raise on his attack roll with the hymnal, so since I can't increase damage, I increased the intended effect. I have updated the initiative action chart as we still have to resolve who goes first among you all. Lucky got the Joker, which means he can go whenever he wants, interrupting anyone's action, plus he gets +2 to Trait tests this round and +2 to damage totals. Finally, on the chapel map, awesome faces are innocent bystanders. Edit: On the vitals page, I made everyone's name into a link to their character sheet.

9 comments to Going to the Chapel Pt. 2

  • Seven Seven

    Seven will fire at the SS officer if he is still up when his turn comes, and then move behind the wall at H11 for cover. If the officer is down then will fire at SS#2, if he is down then #3. If Thor is still standing and Rocke hasn’t taken him to cover, I will grab him and move him behind cover with me after the shot. If everyone in front of me is dropped, I will move to the nearest exit with Thor if he is still there- taking care to glance outside first, so I don’t walk into enemy fire outside. If I haven’t taken a shot yet as I move to the exit (only if the 3 Germans in front of me are down), I will only take a clear shot at any Germans inside or out. Final

  • Seven Seven

    OOC: Correction, the space for taking cover was E11, not H11. I thought my guy was on the other side.

  • Lucky Lucky

    As he approaches the unsuspecting SS troopers, Lucky turns as the soldiers also turn their attention to the ruckus in the back of the church. Calmly, he fires the weapon from underneath its concealment into the nearest soldier and continues moving steadily to further close with the remaining soldier.

    With a brotherly grin, Lucky begins to murmur, “The LORD is my shephard; I shall not want. He maketh you to lie down…”

    OOC: turn to face target in D6, Fire, willing to expend up to 2 bennies for this first shot if necessary. Continue moving closer.

  • Fenrik Lars "Röcke" Tidsskrift Fenrik Lars "Röcke" Tidsskrift

    Lars will pull his pistol out and shoot the SS officer in the chest (thus keeping the +4 to Hit/Dam effects). I’m hoping that Seven can shoot SS Trooper #1, and Knuckles can take out SS Trooper #2 from behind. If any SS are still standing in front of us after that, I plan to charge through them with Thor to the side door at C3.

  • Scope Scope

    Having achieved better than his desired result with the hymnal-cum-meteorite, Scope will ease himself over to the exit at F16. Before stepping outdoors, he will pause, looking and listening carefully, for any indication of additional hostile complications. If all is clear, he will light a cigarette and circle clockwise around the church to the outside entrance of the Chapel of the Sea, keeping an eye open for SS or other unsavory individuals that might be loitering outside. As he walks, he will draw his knife from its sheath behind his neck and conceal it (in his hand, at the ready) against the back of his wrist.

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