Recent Events: 10 Sept ’39

8 Sept:Polish defenders at Westerplatte surrendered
9 Sept: Battle of the Bzura begins.
9 Sept: British Expeditionary Forces (BEF) began landing in France.
10 Sept: Canada declared war on Germany.


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Going to the Chapel Pt. 3

In the Church:

A man jumps up and grabs one of the coats, beating at the flames in an attempt at extinguishing the fire.  Instead he only fans the flames and the pile of coats ignites.  The flames and smoke are now visible in the southern end of the church for all to see.  Screams of fire erupt and many people start moving towards to the exits.  At the northern end of the church, the shouts and confusion cause people to move towards the fire in an attempt to figure out what is going on.  Several clergy, staff and nuns begin moving towards the flames as confusion starts to rise within the church.  Moving through the church is increasingly difficult and you feel as if you need to be out of the church before an all-out panic begins. Lucky passes within spitting distance of an SS soldier and shoots him dead in the chest.  The exit wound causes blood to spatter across both soldiers, one of them catching it directly in the eyes blinding him.  The other spots Lucky and his eyes narrow as he reaches to unsling his weapon.  While the SS soldier may have figured out what is going on , to everyone else in the area it appears that the soldier just suddenly erupted in blood for no apparent reason.  More screams rise and the agitation of the crowd is cranked up another notch.  Suez moves closer to the remaining two soldiers fighting his way through the crowd. Scope makes his way across the end of the church towards the nearest door, intent on meeting up with the others on the outside.

In the Chapel:

The SS Officer's eyes narrow as he realizes that papers aren't what the three men are looking for.  Röcke pulls his Welrod out of his coat, puts it to the head of the officer and pulls the trigger, covering the two SS soldiers in a spray of gore and blood.  Before his body can hit the floor Seven and Knuckles open fire on the other two soldiers killing both instantly.  The SS Officer gasps erratically and you can tell he is not long for this world. Thor returns his pistol to his holster and pulls a cap down over his eyes as he is led out the door by the three agents, Knuckles providing rear security.  People who were calmly trying to get out of the chapel to avoid a distasteful scene are now in panic and screaming as the three bodies coat the floor in a spreading pool of blood. As the group exits the building the find themselves in a large plaza.  All of the streets seem to have small groups of SS soldiers who are paying close attention to anyone leaving the church. While all ways seem blocked, the stream of people leaving the chapel, many of them screaming and in tears has drawn the attention of the groups at #1 and #6.  Other doors are being thrown open all the way around the church as people who were already near the doors hurry outside to escape the growing panic within.

GM Notes:

The tone in the church is rapidly approaching an all out panic. Different groups in different areas are screaming for different reasons and cries of "Fire," and "Run" predominate. Your pace is cut in half because of the confusion of the crowds, so a full action will give you normal movement as you muscle through the crowds. Outside the soldiers are beginning to notice something is going on inside as people are leaving the church in haste.  Weapons are at the ready now and the groups at #1 and #6 are moving towards the church.  Each group is 5 SS Soldiers and the groups at #1 and #4 have a SS Officer (Leutnant) as well.  Soldiers are armed with Kar98k and officers with holstered Lugers.  The streets are not heavily crowded, but they are far from empty as people come to and leave the church.  In fact, the noises and screaming are causing some people to come to the church faster to find out what is going on.  The influx of people and soldiers and the growing exodus from the church will soon cause the area around the church to become extremely crowded. Some explanations on how I am adjudicating things. While Röcke didn't do a called shot to the head, I rolled 5 raises on his attack roll. I could have used bennies to try and save the officer, but its too early in this "session" for that. So I rolled for the injury and it was in the head (brain injury - egads!), so I tailored the text for cinematic effect.  Likewise, when the two soldiers remaining near Lucky rolled to notice where the attack came from, one of them rolled a "1," which seems like you would be pretty oblivious to what was going on around you, almost as if you were blinded. Actually everyone did extremely well on rolls, this was helped a lot by "having the drop" on your opponents.  A +4 to attack is essentially an automatic hit if you have no minuses.  A +4 to damage with a handgun is a minimum of 6 points of damage, which should be enough to cause almost anyone to be shaken. An average roll would equate to a raise. The Drop is an extremely powerful advantage and it is different than surprise.  In this case I said you all had the drop because a) you had your weapons ready, and b) your opponents didn't even know you were there or that they were in any danger. In this case its like walking up to someone, whipping out a pistol and shooting them in the head or back.  They never even see it coming. Situations have to be just right for me to award this, instead of surprise. I have updated the vitals page for the next round.  Also, do keep track of your ammo expenditures please. Edit: I just realized that I calculated movement on the small Chapel map wrong, as people got outside.  Added a new outside map and then added description of what players find.  

8 comments to Going to the Chapel Pt. 3

  • Ackley "Suez" Smythe Ackley "Suez" Smythe

    Priority 1 for Suez is getting out of this church ASAP, and 2 is leaving no Germans alive as witnesses. If the soldier who got a good look at Lucky and who’s going for his rifle is still on his feet when Suez’s turn rolls around, then he’s the target. If Lucky drops him, then Suez will instead shoot the one who’s wiping blood from his eyes. If the shot misses, I’ll spend a bennie to reroll it. In either case, after shooting, Suez is pushing hard for an exit–B7 if that is an exit, B3 or A10 (whichever looks more practical) if it’s not. FINAL

  • Bob Gamemaster

    SS Officer (North) shouts at his detachment for 2 soldiers to “Follow Me” and heads towards the main doors of the church (D/E-1 on the floorplan map). This will leave 3 soldiers at #1.

    SS Officer (South) begins quickly walking towards the troops at #3, leaving the 5 soldiers behind.

  • Lucky Lucky

    “…in pools of blood: he leadeth me beside the stillness of your rotting corpse…”, Lucky continues to murmur, and with grim satisfaction fires again from underneath the bible into the soldier attempting to ready his weapon.

    Upon gunning down the second, “…He restoreth my soul.” Lucky puts gun away and moves into the chaos, gripping the bible, and seeking eye contact with Suez in attempt to join him in exit.

    OOC: Fire at soldier in D6, again use up to 2 bennies to make shot count, if necessary. Put weapon away. Move into crowd. …otherwise, if shot misses. Alternate ending: shoot him, again. FINAL.

  • Calvin "Knuckles" Hayward Calvin "Knuckles" Hayward

    “It’s a cryin’ shame havin’ to do this kinda doity woik in a choich.” Knuckles says as he views the mayhem.

    OOC: Knuckles will stay with Rocke’s group providing security. My init is last so I’ll wait and see what happens next before doing a final. Basically if a Nazi looks like he’s going to try to kill us I kill him first.

  • Fenrik Lars "Röcke" Tidsskrift Fenrik Lars "Röcke" Tidsskrift

    Ouch…Lars & Knuckles is just about last in Init order. If Thor has not already suggested a course of action, Lars will suggest moving towards the #1 group of soldiers with the intent of either moving past them, or gunning them down if they try to stop the four of us. If at all possible, we will move with other exiting church goers to appear as part of the crowd. Once past the SS goons, we will head towards our Inn and collect any remaining gear and follow Thor out of the city. If it seems appropriate and there is time, Lars will change into his business clothes… looking like a fisherman may not be the best ideal at the moment.

  • Seven Seven

    Seven will survey the area once outside and discreetly pull the pistol up into his sleeve to conceal it. Seven says loudly: “Uncle, this commotion has placed a strain on your heart, you need medical attention. Let’s go this way.” I will point the northern direction towards group #1, where there are only 3 soldiers left. We will try to mix in with the crowd and move past the soldiers. We will try to look frightened and confused.

  • Seven Seven

    OOC: Wow, Rocke and Seven came up with the same thing at the same time. If We have to fight our way out, I will try to get as close as I can before taking a shot.

  • Calvin "Knuckles" Hayward Calvin "Knuckles" Hayward

    Knuckles will stick with Rocke, Seven and Thor as we head toward Nazi group #1 and beyond. I will take point to protect Thor, keeping my gun under coat until needed. If the Nazis challenge us I’ll shoot first. FINAL

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