Recent Events: 10 Sept ’39

8 Sept:Polish defenders at Westerplatte surrendered
9 Sept: Battle of the Bzura begins.
9 Sept: British Expeditionary Forces (BEF) began landing in France.
10 Sept: Canada declared war on Germany.


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Going to the Chapel Pt. 4

In the Church:

Lucky quickly fires a round into the SS soldier readying his weapon, leaving him shaken, but standing.  Fortunately Suez is there to follow up and finish the job.  The two men then push into the crowd towards the nearest exit, leaving behind a solitary SS soldier.  By the time he clears his eyes, the two men are gone and the soldier is left standing horrified looking at his two dead comrades as the crowd rushes around them.  With luck, Lucky and Suez will reach the door next round. The panic in the church is increasing and more people head towards the doors.  Fortunately there are many doors around the circumference of the building, but they are quickly become jammed with people.  The fire continues to burn as several people show up trying to beat the fire down and cries of "Bring Water!" mingle with "Fire!" and "Murder!"  The area around the fire is a scene of mass confusion.

Outside the Church:

Scope moves as quickly as he can without drawing the attention of the soldiers to round the church and join the others.  The sheer size of the church is working against him. Knuckles, Röcke, Seven and Thor move towards the soldiers at point #1.  Thor puts on a pair of spectacles and turning towards Seven, he lays his hand on Seven's shoulder saying, "Slow down nephew, these bones aren't as young as they used to be," delivering a slow wink as he says it.  He then shuffles forward affecting a slight palsy in his left hand.  The crowd streams around you in all directions, threatening to overwhelm the soldier checkpoints.   As more people come streaming out of the exits, the soldiers look confused as to whether they should stay at their post, or investigate what is happening inside the church.

GM Notes:

  • For Lucky and Suez, to move their full pace next round will require a full action and an Agility or Strength roll (whichever is highest) to bull your way through the crowds.  Lucky, you had to burn a benny to hit.
  • Scope, some of the people coming out of the church now are running, so if you want to run, you wouldn't be quite as obvious as you would have been a minute ago.  Give yourself a belated benny for the burning hymnal.
  • Thor's group is moving half speed.  It would seem that it is Thor's intent to let the crowd overwhelm the soldiers, then pass by.
  • Added numbers to indicate number of SS soldiers in each group.
  • The vitals page has been updated.

11 comments to Going to the Chapel Pt. 4

  • OOC: Bob, I’m assuming from the map that there is a small side door just ahead of Lucky and Suez.

    IC: Suez is focusing everything on twisting and snaking toward that door without losing track of Lucky (use Dex for the check and burn a bennie if necessary). He’ll also make sure his gun is well concealed before exiting the church. If Suez gets out first, he’ll keep scanning the door for Lucky before moving off (assuming the crowd doesn’t sweep him away). final

  • Bob Gamemaster

    OOC: I went through and added your character stat pages as your user “website.” This means your names in comments are now links to your character’s page. To be honest, this just makes life easier for me when I need to reference your character sheet after reading your action.

    • OOC: Would it be possible to get player first names on these character detail pages? Not that it matters, but I keep getting mixed up as to who is who… should come as no surprise to anyone who’s played table-tops with me. I can’t even remember my own first name after the second diet mountain dew.

  • Seven will follow Thor’s lead and “help” his old Uncle get down the street, allowing the crowd to swarm slightly ahead of us. Since we are moving at half speed, I will use the extra time to covertly aim if I need to take a shot, but the intent is to get by without taking a shot or drawing anymore attention. Final

  • With his mind focused on the game afoot, Lucky follows his partner’s lead heading out. Leaning into Suez when he can and urging, “…I don’t think we should leave through the door by ourselves.”

    OOC: full action move, Agility roll. Save bennies. Final.

  • Yeah, what Seven said! 😀 I’ll stay on point but give “Uncle” a concerned look back now and then, making sure to head in the way he indicates. Final

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