Recent Events: 10 Sept ’39

8 Sept:Polish defenders at Westerplatte surrendered
9 Sept: Battle of the Bzura begins.
9 Sept: British Expeditionary Forces (BEF) began landing in France.
10 Sept: Canada declared war on Germany.


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Speaking entirely as a GM here: I am providing two additional maps so you can make your plans for St. Mary's Cathedral (Marienkirche).  One map shows a enlargement of the area directly around the church along with the floorplan of the church and the location of the Chapel of the Sea.  Finish your discussions on what to do between midnight and the time you head out to the church and how you want to proceed there.  Then use the second map, with the grid to describe where you plan on entering the church and/or Chapel of the Sea.  Each person should designate a grid reference, i.e. C5, where they will be when the first person enters the Chapel of the Sea.    I need to know who will try to initiate contact with Thor, where everyone plans on being once you are inside the chapel, etc. The grid map isn't exactly square as I tried to lay lines to block off the architecture sensibly and at this scale, 5' squares would be too dense to be usable. For your Welrods, consider your square to be short range, adjacent squares to be medium range and squares 2 away to be long range.  If/When we get into combat, we will use a more close-in map but this way you can say where you are and have some realistic expectations about cover, distance and viewing angles.

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  • Scope Scope

    OOC: C15, covertly using rifle scope as hand-held device to monitor SE corner of Chapel of the Sea.

  • Ackley "Suez" Smythe Suez


    With any luck, we won’t be the only fishermen and sailors at the church, though I’m assuming it’s not Sunday and we won’t be part of a crowd. (OTOH, the city just got shelled and occupied, so the church probably won’t be empty.) We could split into two groups, with Rocke and Seven entering the chapel together to contact Thor while Scope, Lucky, and Suez occupy a nearby pew. I doubt we’ll attract much attention in two small groups and each will have a Polish speaker. That would place Rocke and Seven in C2 (the chapel) and the rest in C4. The risk is that we’re bunched up; the benefit is that we’re near three good exits, close enough to support each other, and no one is alone or just loitering, which is more likely to draw scrutiny.

    An alternative would be to leave the group of three outside, in a position to observe the front of the church (A1). If trouble comes, it seems most likely to come from there. Someone could slip in the side door of the church to warn the chapel. But standing around outside the church for no apparent reason is risky. In an occupied city, we want to either be somewhere with a purpose, or be on our way to somewhere with a purpose.

    The unanswered question in either arrangement is how we leave and where we regroup without one bunch obviously following the other.

  • Bob Gamemaster

    Note about the maps: Red arrows on the map mark major entrances. Other outside openings would be smaller, lesser used, and perhaps locked, doors.

  • Bob Gamemaster

    Also please note that Knuckles (Garrett) is now part of the Group. Since we are just getting started, we can assume he has been a quiet member of the party on its voyage to Danzig.

  • Seven Seven

    OOC: I like Andy’s idea with splitting in 2 groups. Rocke and Seven in C2 and the others in E8

  • Seven Seven

    OOC: Oops. I liked Steve’s idea. I would include Knuckles with Rocke and Seven.

  • Calvin "Knuckles" Hayward Calvin "Knuckles" Hayward

    OOC: I’d be happy to go along with Rocke and Seven. If we go inside I can make like a good Catholic boy and pray, while keeping one eye open for trouble.

    Knuckles touches the simple silver crucifix that hangs around his neck for luck.

  • Scope Scope

    OOC: It IS Sunday. Unless the church itself has been shelled, I would expect there to be masses in progress (masses for working folks can begin as early as 0500), along with other sundry Sunday churchey activities. Scope, at C15, is at the front of the church near the altar and the chapel of St Joseph. The chapel of St Mary will be on the left arm of the cross as you face the altar (in the alcove – the church has the shape of a cross, see?) and the chapel of St Joseph (or perhaps St Michael Archangel) will be on the right. At C15, he has a direct view down the aisle into the Chapel of the Sea and will most likely be just another face in the crowd, which would generally be closer to the altar this early in the day.

    Scope whispers: “If you blokes must hang out in the back of this shite, you’ll stand out like the sore thumbs you are.”

  • Fenrik Lars "Röcke" Tidsskrift Fenrik Lars "Röcke" Tidsskrift

    OOC: First off, its a cathedral, so the alter most likely takes up rows 16->14, and a good part of 13, so Scope would need to be in a pew somewhere along row 13 or 14 … unless he’s gonna dress up as an alterboy or priest 😉 …not to mention pulling a hunting rifle out in church would pretty much blow our cover for the entire mission…unless that’s the GM’s plan. If Scope wants to be in a position to use the rifle, then he should aim to get up into the choir or organ loft above the alter…plenty of places to hide and use a rifle.

    Suez’s plan is sound, but I think I like the alternative of having the second group outside…hopefully at a cafe or pub close by where they can keep an eye on the front door. We aren’t looking for firefights, since there’s not enough of us, and we still have a long way to go before we even get to the artifact…much less bring it back to England. We can send Seven out now to go over to the church just to scout it out abit and look for a possible place for the second group to be during the contact attempt. He speaks both German and Polish, and can always claim to be lost and looking for the Inn. For the first group, Knuckles can come into the church with us and hang back just outside the chapel, while Seven and I go in and look for someone fitting the description of Thor.

    I would rather scope out the place for a day or two before trying to make contact with Thor, but given the tight timelines, I think we should try the first chance we get.

  • Scope Scope

    OOC: 13 it is 🙂 No plans on pulling the rifle out, by the way — in fact, I kinda figured the rifle would still be with our baggage (unless we’re all dragging around our luggage during this…); Just the scope. Meta: I figured inside somewhere would be a safe bet since the GM didn’t supply any detail regarding external buildings. I would have preferred to observe from outside, truth be told, rather than charging right in, especially given the GM’s expression regarding “where we will be when so-and-so enters the Chapel of the Sea”.

    Agree about trying to make contact with Thor sooner rather than later, but I have a bad feeling about this. His background as supplied (member of the Teutonic Knights – in POLAND)… gives me the creeps.

  • Lucky Lucky

    “Lars, a moment, please,” Lucky gestures as he puts the remains of his smoke out. “It may be wise if I find a spot just outside the best point of departure. I can keep tabs on goings on outside, depending on how things go on inside with…Thor. What you think?”

  • Lucky Lucky

    “Hmmm…maybe could loiter around from J8 to J11. Make a nice exit down a side street to ze doks, eh?

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