Recent Events: 10 Sept ’39

8 Sept:Polish defenders at Westerplatte surrendered
9 Sept: Battle of the Bzura begins.
9 Sept: British Expeditionary Forces (BEF) began landing in France.
10 Sept: Canada declared war on Germany.


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Raiders of the Vistula – Pt. 1

You arrive with Thor at the dockside to find the cargo riverboat Raedwulf, a long, low-lying, dark red vessel made for plying the currents of the Vistula with a large load of cargo. Alongside lie her two sister ships, the Grünenveldt, its hull a dark green, and the Edelweiss, with a bright white hull.  All the boats share the same lines and age with only their coloration to distinguish them.  As you board the Raedwulf you notice the German flag hanging from the stern and look at Thor. "We are all good Germans here, ja?  Delivering food for the Fuhrer's Army, ja?" His voice drops and he adds, "If you want to go anywhere now, you need a military pass.  We haul some food to get the papers, and maybe drop off a few unscheduled goods along the way...ja?" Thor introduces you to the boat's owner, Kapitän Kurt Riesman.  His first words are not reassuring.  "Bad news Erich, the Poles destroyed the bridge at Dirschau on the 1st and was still totally blocking the river as of 3 days ago. This puts the resupply to Mewe as well as your "shipment" here in jeopardy." You look at the map and realize that Dirschau lies at least 45km short of your objective. Thor's face reflects your own alarm at this turn of events, "What? Are they clearing it?" Riesman throws up his hands, "The Nazi's started rebuilding the bridge immediately, at least for a single lane of traffic.  Word is that they are also clearing out a channel for boats.  Maybe it will be open by the time we get there, maybe not.  Getting good information right now is extremely difficult.  We really have no choice but to make the trip and hope for the best, besides the Grünenveldt and Edelweiss have been ordered to dump their cargo on the east side of the river at Dirschau, so we won't seem out-of-place." Thor sighs heavily then motions for you all to follow, "We will hope for the best.  My experience with war has taught me that anything you hope for, never happens, but the Nazi's are efficient in their own way, so perhaps our hope isn't totally misguided.  Come with me and I will show you where you will stay.  Kurt, make way as quickly as possible." Thor leads you down into the cargo hold and shows you a cunningly hid hiding place that incorporated a counter weight in the floor to lift a stack of crates and reveal the smugglers secret stowage.  As the ship makes way, Thor has you haul out several boxes and starts handing out arms and ammunition.  He has a case of pistolet wz. 35 Vis (use stats for Model 1911A1 except 8 round magazine and 9mm parabellum ammo) and two more cases of Kar98k rifles (as per stats in book) for anyone that wants them. While everyone checks out loads their new weaponry, Thor begins to outline your task, "We must get to Marienwerder.  The castle there, in the catacombs of the cathedral is where the Holy Flame is hidden.  First we must stop at Dirschau and drop off the other two boats, and god willing, make it past the Germans stationed there, provided they have cleared a path.  Afterwards we must quickly stop at Mewe and drop off the rest of these "supplies" to some friends I have there.  Then on to Marienwerder.  If we cannot travel by water past Dirschau, we will try to make it by land to Mewe and from there to the objective." Thor leans back and pulls a pipe out of his coat, "I had forgotten how this sort of excitement wears one out.  It grows no easier with age. I suppose you all have a thousand questions.  Let me hear them."

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