Recent Events: 10 Sept ’39

8 Sept:Polish defenders at Westerplatte surrendered
9 Sept: Battle of the Bzura begins.
9 Sept: British Expeditionary Forces (BEF) began landing in France.
10 Sept: Canada declared war on Germany.


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Raiders of the Vistula – Pt. 3

OOC: We are going to do this scene a bit in reverse.  We will start with those lucky souls in the hold.  Then I will deal with the people above decks in a follow-on post.

On the Raedwulf:

As the ruins of the destroyed bridge slowly come into view, you make your way down to the smuggler's hold and crawl inside.  While it's not as cramped as a coffin, it certainly has a mass grave feel to it.  The wood of the boat creaks about you as it rocks slowly in the current. While the small space is cool at first, it quickly heats with the warmth of your bodies. The minutes slowly tick by and you can eventually hear the sound of a motor boat pulling up alongside and the dull "thunk" as it pulls tight to the Raedwulf.  Eventually you can hear the slow tread of feet and muffled voices conversing in German overhead as they inspect the hold and its cargo.  Long slow minutes go by as you wait in silence for the Germans to leave. Suddenly you hear shouts, perhaps from the deck or outside?  The voices in the hold grow silent.  The shouts are followed by the sound of distant gunfire.  You hear feet running across the deck near your heads and then up the stairs.  More gunfire and shouts follow then suddenly the boat rocks violently as an explosion happens close by, followed by a distant boom.  You can hear the metallic tinkle of  brass falling down the stairs and hitting the hold floor. The boat rocks violently again as another explosion goes off nearby, closer than before.  The gunfire and shouts continue to increase. Your pulse quickens as you consider your options.  What do you do?    

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  • OOC: Well, being as how this player (not the character. me!) is pretty damn claustrophobic, Knuckles would like to get the hell out of this hold! If there is a fight going on above I’d just as soon join it than hide out in here. My init is probably last so I’ll wait and see what me mateys do before posting a final.

    IC: Dat don’t sound good… Howza’bout we gid oudda dis box and go shoot some krauts?”

  • Suez’s mind is racing through the possibilities. “That gunfire must be coming from on board, or we wouldn’t hear empties tinkling down the gangway. But those explosions are coming from the river, and probably not from the Jerries. They wouldn’t target heavy ordnance against a vessel that was being searched by their own. I think the Polish Air Force is trying to knock the bridge back into the river again, and Jerry is trying to knock down the bombers with everything available. That’s just a working hypothesis, mind you. I’m not saying we should dash out with guns blazing, but 200-kilogram bombs bursting off the gunwales are worrisome.”

  • “Well, if our mates are still alive, you would think they would come release us from the hold if they thought we were in any immediate danger. This might be the cover we need…then, again I cannot swim.”

  • “Let’s crack this door open and send out a fox to reconnoiter the field. Just be ready to scamper back to the den before the hounds pick up your scent if they’re still on the hunt.”

    OOC: Who’s the stealthiest?

  • OOC: That would be Lucky.

    Lucky agrees to venture out, readying his weapon first before his mates open the hideaway. A quick scan of the hold and then up the stairs to peer about.

  • We’re keeping the door cracked open for Lucky, ready to swing it open or latch it shut at a moment’s notice, as developments dictate.

  • OOC: I have both of my pistols loaded and ready for action.

  • Hmmm…. You would think if its bombers you would hear the planes and the whistle of the bombs coming down. I’m guessing its for some other reason, and I hope its not us the Jerries are fighting! I’ll have my Vis at the ready.

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