Recent Events: 10 Sept ’39

8 Sept:Polish defenders at Westerplatte surrendered
9 Sept: Battle of the Bzura begins.
9 Sept: British Expeditionary Forces (BEF) began landing in France.
10 Sept: Canada declared war on Germany.


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Raiders of the Vistula – Pt. 4

OOC: Now to show what is happening above decks. The crew works quietly as the Raedwulf moves slowly towards the bridge, its sister ships lined up behind her. You can see a pair of motor boats moving slowly down the line, inspecting each ship and its cargo. It's obvious that the Germans commandeered the motor launches from the local populace and hastily fitted them with an MG-34 fore and aft and a crew of six. On each side of the river bank sit four Panzer III Ausf. F's,  two on the north side of the bridge, and two to the south  On each side of the river, two face down towards the river, and two face out to defend the bridge.  It is obvious that the Germans have provided a substantial force to protect their bridgehead against any raids. You can also see roving patrols on both sides of the river and what looks like AA batteries consisting of 8.8cm Flak 18 emplacements. The combined might of the German Army gives you a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach knowing things will go badly if you are discovered.  One of the motor launches pulls up next to the Raedwulf and moors itself tightly along side. A young Wehrmacht Leutnant and two soldiers armed with MP-40s come on board as the launch's MG-34s are kept trained on your boat and its crew.  While all the soldiers carry their weapons readied with the practiced ease and alertness of professional troops, you can tell that they are rapidly becoming bored with their duty. The officer has Kapitän Riesman line his crew up and then quickly goes down the line examining papers.  His actions are perfunctory though as it becomes obvious he is looking to ensure the picture matches the face and there is a proper stamp on the papers.  He then moves off with Riesman to discuss the cargo.  Kapitän Riesman explains that his other two ships have cargo to be unloaded here at Dirschau.  The officer shouts at another motor launch and tells him to take the Edelweiss and Grünenveldt over to the docks and have them inspected there so they can get unloaded.  The two boats veer off to the eastern shore and you see the other motor launch head towards the next ship in line. Riesman escorts the officer and his soldiers down into the hold and signals for Scope and two other crew members to follow, "In case the Leutnant needs to move or open any cargo." Seven finds himself listlessly splicing some rope above decks while he carefully watches the Germans on the banks. The inspection in the hold is thorough but quick and is wrapping up when gunfire erupts on the deck of the ship following the Raedwulf, an old gray-green riverboat named Gdansk.  Seven's head quickly turns at the sound and he sees several sailors armed with pistols ruthlessly gunning down the soldiers on the deck of their ship.  A pair of hand grenades sail through the air and land on the deck of the motor launch exploding and killing the remaining crew there.  The stern MG-34 gunner on the launch tied to the Raedwulf opens fire on the Gdansk as her sailors swarm aboard and man the MG-34s on their newly acquired motor launch. Suddenly the water explodes as one of the tanks on the shore opens fire, the severe declination and range causing it to come closer to hitting the Raedwulf than the Gdansk.  The soldiers are swarming up the stairs of the Raedwulf and immediately take cover and start returning fire.  The pilot of the motor launch is yelling for someone to cut the ropes holding it tied to the Raedwulf and it appears the crew of the Gdansk is doing the same.  More tank rounds come screaming in and water splashes high into the air, while another rounds goes completely through the deckhouse of the Gdansk before exploding in the river. OOC: Scope, you are at the top of the stairs taking in the scene.  Seven you are on the starboard side of the Raedwulf midships near the motor launch, hunkered down as best you can as bullets fly about you. Actions?

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  • OOC: is the motor launch with the dead crew attached to the Raedwulf or the Gdansk?

  • OOC: Is someone piloting our ship?

  • OOC: Also, is our engine running?

  • OOC: It is my understanding that the launch with the dead crew/hijackers is attached to the Gdansk. That would leave 3 Germans on the launch attached to us, one of them firing on the Gdansk. IC: Seven doesn’t see any way to help these hijackers and help our mission at the same time. 4 tanks, AA guns, gunboat, god knows how many Germans on the riverbanks, and Seven has a knife… Seven’s thought is to cut the gunboat free and go to the pilot house (or get the pilot) to gun the engines to get us clear of the bridge before it get’s blown again and blocks us in. (A diagram would be helpful) Also, removing ourselves from the tank’s LOS/LOF would be nice. Seven will use a bennie to soak damage as he tries to maintain cover while doing this.

  • OOC: I agree with Mike. There’s nothing we can do to help those poor bastards. Scope will stand by, trying to keep his head down, and try to behave as a responsible crewman.

    Depending on how things play:
    1.) If there’s a chance he can keep up appearances and head belowdecks to let the other team members know what’s going on, he will do so.
    2.) If it looks like the Raedwulf is in danger of being destroyed and or taking on water belowdecks, Scope will work to free the other team members from the smuggler’s compartment. If that means that some Germans must lose their lives (particularly if they can be dispatched without undue attention by enemy on the sides of the canal), so much the better.

  • Bob Gamemaster

    Added a map to make life easier. Each square is approx 10m. Sorry for being a bit slow this week. Trying to get back into work after the long weekend (and a backlog of work) and feeling a bit under the weather. Update tomorrow (Wednesday).

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