Recent Events: 10 Sept ’39

8 Sept:Polish defenders at Westerplatte surrendered
9 Sept: Battle of the Bzura begins.
9 Sept: British Expeditionary Forces (BEF) began landing in France.
10 Sept: Canada declared war on Germany.


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Rendezvous in Mewe – Pt. 2

Night has fallen by the time the Raedwulf quietly pulls up to the shore near Mewe.  Two figures on the shore appear and ropes are tossed to them to tie off as a gangplank is quickly lowered to the shore. As crates are moved up out of the hold, a small cart pulled by a pair of horses is brought down to the river's edge.  Thor speaks with the pair of men quietly while the crates are loaded and covered up with firewood. The  moon peaks out intermittently from the clouds as Thor gathers together Seven, Scope and Knuckles and two of the sailors, readying them to head up to the ruins. Kapitän Riesman comes over and addresses everyone. "Good Luck old friend," he says to Thor before turning towards Suez, Lucky and Lars. "I'd like to leave the three of you here on the shore, perhaps with a couple of my crew to help Thor if anything is amiss.  I and the remainder of the crew will remain on the Raedwulf and have it ready for us to depart the instant the team returns." While the crew and the shore party decide where they should be best positioned, Thor leads his group up to the ruins.  It's a short trip but you are greatly slowed by the cart.    What would be a few minutes at a run takes 20 minutes with the cart.  It seems like forever, but at least it  makes a minimum of noise. OOC: Go ahead and position yourselves where you would like to be on the maps.  For the ruins, the cart will enter on the sandy colored path from the right (north)  On the ruins you can be anywhere up to the entrance to the courtyard of the ruins, but not within the buildings.  On the docks, you can be wherever you wish.  

11 comments to Rendezvous in Mewe – Pt. 2

  • OOC: Seven will wait at S8 with his pistol ready. If Thor wants Seven to go in with him, he will.

  • Lars will position himself close to Thor. His Vis is loaded and ready to fire, with the safety on.

  • OOC: I thought Rocke was with the Lucky and Suez by the boat…

  • OOC: The pistol I am having in hand is the Welrod

  • OOC: Is it Riesman’s intent that we conceal ourselves on shore in fighting positions, or that we arrange ourselves arfully to appear nonchalant should anyone be watching?

    In the first case, Suez nestles into cover in U4 with a rifle, semi-auto, and Welrod. In the second case, he stands on the dock at I9, smoking a pipe, with Vis and Welrod tucked into his waistband beneath his pea coat. What’s the lighting like: moonlight, starlight, or overcast? Any lanterns burning on the boat?

    • Bob Gamemaster

      OOC: Riesman’s intent is that you conceal yourselves on shore, while the crew, armed with rifles, conceal themselves onboard covering the shore. That way you can either provide covering fire or rush up to meet the group with Thor while the crew defends the boat. All lanterns and lights are off, but the engine is slowly ticking over. There are a few thin clouds, but you are pretty sure it won’t rain tonight. The moon won’t rise until 1:00 AM and even then, it’s down to a thin crescent and only about 10% illumination. Since no one has lights on, there is no light pollution so starlight provides your only real light source.

      Also: god bless the intarwebs

  • OOC: I don’t see any advantage provided by terrain features. There don’t seem to be any differences in elevation. Since Seven is already covering the entrance with a rifle, Scope will accompany Röcke and Thor (behind them). He has his Welrod tucked into a pocket of his pea-coat and his knife drawn and concealed in his sleeve. He will attempt to assess the situation via his rifle scope from a distance as they approach the ruins, although the limited light may prevent his gaining anything useful.

  • OOC: Place me next to Seven at T8. I have the Welrod prepped inside coat, if we need to take someone out quietly. When the group moves in I will, too.

    • Bob Gamemaster

      OOC: On the map, as when I did that, I hadn’t heard from you. I put you opposite Seven. If you like that, keep it, otherwise just consider yourself at T8 and ignore the map. Will fix in the next revision.

  • The pistol-laden frenchman glances over to Suez, “I’ll take those trees just off to the left of the trail.” Before heading out, Lucky takes time to glance around the area before heading off to his hiding place to notice if anyone may be watching. He’ll head out to the trees to begin concealing himself.

    OOC: Attempt to Notice anyone watching. Move to position C5. Attempt to conceal within the trees.

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