Recent Events: 10 Sept ’39

8 Sept:Polish defenders at Westerplatte surrendered
9 Sept: Battle of the Bzura begins.
9 Sept: British Expeditionary Forces (BEF) began landing in France.
10 Sept: Canada declared war on Germany.


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Rendezvous in Mewe – Pt. 3

At the Ruins: The horse cart moves into the small courtyard in the eastern part of the ruins.  To the south lie the burnt out remains of part of a building.  To the north lies a small 2 story building. Its windows shuttered tightly.  In the courtyard a few men idle about quietly. As the cart begins to enter the courtyard, one of the shutters on the second floor opens and a large man hangs out the window.  He smiles broadly and waves.  "Erich, good to see you, I will be right down.  Make yourself comfortable."  Before the shutters close you see the shadows of several figures. Looking at the figures standing idly in the courtyard, Lars and Scope get a sense that something isn't right.  The partisans are trying to act casual, but seem keyed up, nervously pulling on cigarettes and whispering in hushed tones.  Thor moves to lead the horses further into the courtyard. OOC: Vitals page has been updated with initiative for those wishing to take actions.

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  • OOC: on the map I’m placed in S7 and I should be S8. (as in previous comment) Seven will move to R8 and crouch low by the door, he already has his pistol ready and will ready one of his grenades in the other hand. He will scan around the doorway into the courtyard. He will wait to spot any hidden attackers or one of the partisans to make a move and counterattack. “Another scrap and I find myself without my tools!”

  • I will take my lead from Thor, so I will defer my action to see if Thor feels a threat or not.

  • OOC: Question – where are we seeing the “shadows of several figures”? In the room with the large man? And are these shadows in addition to the five “partisans” on the ground to the west of the two story?

    Scope will quietly cross south behind the wagon and enter the doorway in the ruin, unslinging his duffle to retrieve his rifle, with the intention of assembling it when he’s attained some cover. He will be prepared to follow Thor and Lars’ lead, however.

    • Bob Gamemaster

      OOC: You are seeing some shadows of figures or movement (or both) via the window on the second floor where Winzig (the large man) was hanging out. These are in addition to the partisans on the ground.

  • Bob Gamemaster

    Hey all. Been a bit crazy last Friday and today at work as we are gearing up to do hiring and interviewing people like mad, plus I had the kids over the weekend and xmas shopping and the rest. Will do update in the morning and get back to a daily schedule so please start checking daily beginning tomorrow.

    Feliz Navidad

  • OOC: Crazy? I’ll match you two ‘crazies’ and throw in a ‘looney’. Life can be such a pain in the nuts sometimes. Anyway, somehow I ended up first on initiative, I’ll try to check more often.

    Knuckles will also take his lead from Thor and will maneuver to protect him.

  • Bob Gamemaster

    OOC: I was halfway to redoing maps and all when I realized we could get by with the following:

    “Seven and Lars, you hear the distinctive and ominous metallic clink of a MG charging handle being driven home from somewhere inside the small building.”

    OOC Again: We will use the locations you already gave me and keep the initiative for one more round. What do you do?

  • OOC: Have the actions I previously mentioned happened yet?

  • OOC: oops, I think you meant that this is another round. If there is a space under the doors (enough for a grenade to roll through?) in the small building?

    • Bob Gamemaster

      Yes another round, no not enough room to roll a grenade in.

      OOC: To Knuckles: yeah had to be in DC all day today to do three in-person interviews. Another tomorrow and Friday. That will be 5 in person and two phone interviews this week. We won a bunch of new contracts so we have to hire like crazy (plus normal work) so its a good thing, but right now its a bit nuts as we have a pretty rigorous hiring process.

  • Seven will run to O7, crouch down with his back to the wall. Once there, he will prepare to attack thru the door or anything running out the door. Hopefully the wall that my back is on is thick? He will scan for attackers… (not forgetting the partisans)

  • Scope will duck behind the wall at H14 and assemble his rifle. He will leave the scope off.

  • OOC: I’m still taking my lead from Thor, but if gunfire happens, I’m prepared to dive for cover through the opening in the wall at K13. I think folks are just being cautious, since they don’t know who we are, and shouldn’t be looking to gun us all down…at least I hope not since they outnumber us by a bit…maybe substantially if there are a lot of people in the upstairs room.

  • TIme…it seems to move so slow.

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