Recent Events: 10 Sept ’39

8 Sept:Polish defenders at Westerplatte surrendered
9 Sept: Battle of the Bzura begins.
9 Sept: British Expeditionary Forces (BEF) began landing in France.
10 Sept: Canada declared war on Germany.


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Rendezvous in Mewe – Pt. 1

Thor sits everyone down and pulls out a map of Mewe, explaining that the town is also known as Gniew in Polish. "We will be dropping off our supplies tonight to other members of the Order.  Since we have been banned by Hitler, we have organized ourselves to work against him where we can.  While we cannot stop him here in Poland, we can make life more difficult for his forces, make them expend more resources, delay their timelines and engage in other classic partisan tactics." Thor lights his pipe before he continues. "Tonight we will be meeting a gentleman who goes by the moniker of Winzig, or Tiny you would say.  Mewe is home to another of the Order's Ordensburg castles.  The Order built these throughout the region, as did other crusading orders.  Winzig heads up our contingent in Mewe and he will take these supplies and put them where they will do the most good.  It is important for some, or all, of you to meet him and his lieutenants so that you have the connection for later and know someone in the area besides myself in case something happens." Pointing at the map, Thor goes on, "The Castle at Mewe was mostly destroyed in the 1920's by fire, although one wing still exists.  We should be arriving at about 9:00 PM tonight, here along the shore, just north of the destroyed bridge."  Thor looks up and smiles, "Don't worry though, this bridge isn't blocking the river, so there will be no delays on that front. There will be a pair of men with a horse cart fishing here in the docking area.  Once we have reconnoitered the area, we will load the crates onto their cart and make our way up to the Castle ruins.  There we will meet Winzig, transfer the goods, make our introductions then return to the boat. " "After all that we will board the boat and proceed to Marienwerder which lies about 10km downriver on the opposite side of the Vistula.  The town itself lies another 5km inland from there so we will have to move on foot, but we will have the cover of night.  With luck we can get in and out and be back on our way north well before sunrise.  We will need to find our own transportation from Marienwerder as the Raedwulf will continue south without us." Thor takes another drag from his pipe and continues,"Finally, we got lucky back at the bridge.  With the Germans all over the roads and the Luftwaffe controlling the skies, it doesn't surprise me that there are other partisans using the river.  The Lord only knows what they had planned but they obviously got caught and decided to go down fighting.  Thank you to all of you for keeping your heads while the bullets were flying.  Now I suppose you have questions for me."

14 comments to Rendezvous in Mewe – Pt. 1

  • Seven asks: “Are there any explosives among these supplies that I could have? I have felt somewhat naked here without my tools.”

  • “So if I understand the situation correctly, we’ll be collecting the Holy Flame at Marienwerder; is that right? I’ve been cooped up in the hold so long that I’ve completely lost track of how far we’ve come into Poland. Just how long a trek will we have from Marienwerder back to Danzig?”

  • Bob Gamemaster

    Thor responds, “Suez, correct. Marienwerder is a total distance of 15km from Mewe, then its another 90km back to Danzig. Seven, no explosives, but I do have some grenades. I can give each of you two, but that’s it.”

    OOC: Grenades are classic German “Potato Mashers.”

  • Bob Gamemaster

    OOC: I will need a definitive list of who is going with Thor (and what weaponry they are packing) and who, if anyone, is staying on/near the boat (and what weaponry they are packing).

  • Considering Lars proposal, Lucky casually takes out a cigarette from his coat pocket, “Sounds good to me, Sir. I’ll stay put and do my best not to get into any trouble.” Lucky pauses and adds, “Hmmm, Sir, we should consider setting a time limit to this little venture and propose a location to rendezvous. Would be a good thing if the situation changes here, too.” Turning to Thor and Seven, “Do either of you have any local suggestions?”

    OOC: Lucky has his three pistols, the Welrod and two Vis…and a diminishing pack of smokes.

  • OOC: Seven will go. He will carry the Welrod, 1 Vis and 2 grenades, plus his demo kit.

  • “I’ll stay with the boat, since I don’t sprechen the lingo. And I second the motion to have a rendezvous point that any of us can find in case something goes wrong on the boat or the land party can’t get back here for some reason.”

    OOC: Suez has his Welrod, Vis, and knife on his person. We should make sure that the rifles and grenades are where we can reach them without too much delay in case of trouble but where they won’t be immediately spotted if we get boarded again. The smuggler’s hold would be secure but inconvenient. Is there a bench seat or bunk that we can stash them in?

    • Bob Gamemaster

      OOC: On stashing weapons. There are a couple of storage boxes used for ropes and odds and ends that will work, two port, two starboard, located about 1/4 of the way down the ship and 3/4 along.

  • OOC: Knuckles has had enough of the boat and would prefer to accompany the group to the castle- in this case is speaking Polish critical? What do you guys think?

  • OOC: I don’t think it would be too much of a problem.

  • Ok, I’m thinking of a rally point half way from the dock to the castle…how about the bend in the road coming from the dock, right before it looks like it starts to climb up the hill towards the castle. Its still at the edge of town, but not too far to go from the castle, there looks like good cover close by, and its near the road coming up from the ferry landing if we need to procure transport out of the area — wheeled or watercraft.

  • Bob Gamemaster

    Ok, correct me if I am wrong with who is where:

    With Thor: Seven, Knuckles, Scopoe
    At Boat: Suez, Lucky, Lars

    Also note that the total distance from boat to rendezvous area is about 600m.

  • OOC: Scope has his knife, Welrod, and his Kar98 w/scope. The rifle is broken down in its cloth bag and in a duffle bag on his shoulder.

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