Recent Events: 10 Sept ’39

8 Sept:Polish defenders at Westerplatte surrendered
9 Sept: Battle of the Bzura begins.
9 Sept: British Expeditionary Forces (BEF) began landing in France.
10 Sept: Canada declared war on Germany.


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Rendezvous in Mewe – Pt. 10

At The Ruins: The Wehrmacht Soldiers move up in good order, using the woods wherever possible for cover, but staying in a loose skirmish line.  One group begins to move south of the road, obviously planning on flanking left, or at least covering any avenues of escape. Seven's impassioned plea to the Polish laborers galvanizes them, especially coming from a man who has killed several Germans single-handed in the last minute.  Done with being afraid, the workers rush over towards the cart to arm themselves and make the Germans pay.  Seven crouches down under cover and begins working on building a better grenade. Thor continues to lapse in and out of consciousness. Searching through the bodies and gore, Röcke gathers three grenades together and positions himself behind Seven, who has moved up, ready to crush some heads.  The two ready themselves to assault the upper floor. Scope takes a clear shot on an advancing German and drops him in his tracks. The Germans do not seem concerned and a voice, most likely an Officer, can be heard over the silence following the shot.  "Lay down your arms now my friends, and we can promise you your lives.  It is only a matter of time before you all die in those ruins.  We are not alone here and even now an entire company is moving up to reinforce us here.  It is easier for everyone if you walk out now and we can put this needless killing behind us.  I give you 30 seconds to consider my offer." On the Way to the Ruins: Lucky continues moving uphill quickly while Suez continues down the path.  Both men dig deep and sprint hard for the ruins. GM Notes:
  • The Germans offer of 30 seconds equates to 5 rounds.
  • The stairs are, in fact, circular stone (old ruins), so its a bit more difficult to throw up the stairs then down.  I'm not saying this because of penalties, but because it will be harder to throw a grenade well into the upstairs room unless you get pretty far up the stairs.  The good side is they don't have a clear field of view until you are almost at the top.
  • Seven, Polish Laborers go on your initiative under your control.  Next round they will grab rifles and ammo.  Consider them to be d4 for stats and a d4 for shooting and throwing.
  • Vitals Page is updated.
  • Combat concepts  you need to consider:
    • If you haven't already, be sure to refer to the Combat Survival Guide
    • Also read through the rule book about situational combat rules, Page 77 (of the Deluxe Rule book) has a quick reference sheet.  Things like "double tap" expend two rounds of ammo with a semi-automatic and get a +1 to hit and damage.
    • Röcke, I told you things wrong for  shooting multiple times at someone.  See Multiple Actions (page 66 of Deluxe Rule Book), but you can't attack twice with the same weapon...period.  Now there are moves, like Double Tap (see above) or Rapid Attack, that allow for multiple shots, just like there are edges for doing same.

14 comments to Rendezvous in Mewe – Pt. 10

  • Run, Lucky, run.

    OOC: At this distance and with the light from the flare, can he see any movement near the ruins?

  • Knuckles grabs a rifle, ammo and fills his coat pockets with grenades.He intends to go up the stairs and take out the remaining krauts. He will also attempt to capture Tiny.

    -Stays the course

    • Bob Gamemaster

      You filled your pockets last round. Any plans on how you want to approach going up the stairs?

      • I think we play it this way; We will go up knowing full well that they will lob one or more grenades down at us. Since its a circular staircase, we should be able to kick/throw/or otherwise make them go past us to explode in the room below, as the last one did. If that happens, Knuckles and I will scream and moan like we were hit. If they come down, we will be at the top ready to either shoot or take captive. If they don’t, they we should be able to sneak up on them and shoot or take captive. Its rather risky, but better than an all out sprint-up-the-stairs-frontal-assault. I’ll have my VIS in hand, as it could be very close combat.

        • Bob Gamemaster

          Sounds like a good plan. Do you want to wait until Knuckles goes and then go up together (more or less). Who will lead the way up stairs?

          • We go up single file, Knuckles, who is stronger, should go first. We will hug the inner wall of the stairs on the assumption any grenades being lobbed down will strike the outer wall and (very hopefully) continue on down without intervention by us.

  • Somewhat deafened by his own gunshots, Scope finds himself drifting into a quiet place somewhere between and slightly behind his ears. He focuses on his breath, trying to release his inner monologue “… trajectory vs speed and what about that girl in London that one time not as slow as the .45 ACP golly could sure use a smoke what the hell are they doing up there with that machine gun i saw someone grab it wonder if there was another fellow in there besides the gunner and the AG don’t flinch quit thinking…” He aims down the sight of his rifle, takes a deep breath and releases it halfway.

    OOC: If he has LOS, Scope will fire on the German at JJ14 (the idiot in the middle of the road). Otherwise, he will fire at GG9.

  • Knuckles likes Röcke’s plan and leads the way.

  • OOC: Any idea on the throwing range of my “seven headed hydra”?
    IN: Seven will continue to work on the explosives while taking a quick glance out the door at the advancing Germans. He shouts in Polish: “Thank you my patriot friends! Please, 2 of you go take cover in the rubble on the South side to protect us there, 1 more on the window on the South side of the wall. One more opposite myself on this door and one more next to me to help me. Thank you. Any officer heads showing Scope?” If the grenades are ready this round, he will throw them if the Germans are close enough, after they move.

    • Bob Gamemaster

      Yes, actually its called a Geballte Ladung and is listed on page 152 under German Special Weapons in the Weird War II book. Range is 4/8/16, damage 6d6, medium burst (4″ diameter) and is a heavy weapon, so it can affect buildings and vehicles. Device will be ready at the end of this round.

  • Bob Gamemaster

    Btw Seven, I am giving you a bennie for your passionate plea to the Polish Laborers.

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