Recent Events: 10 Sept ’39

8 Sept:Polish defenders at Westerplatte surrendered
9 Sept: Battle of the Bzura begins.
9 Sept: British Expeditionary Forces (BEF) began landing in France.
10 Sept: Canada declared war on Germany.


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Rendezvous in Mewe – Pt. 11

At the Ruins: The German troops continue to move up consolidating their positions and trying to avoid being out in the open now that they know a sniper is watching.  Scope, seeing them move into the woods attempts a difficult shot but misses, his bullet impacting a tree with a meaty thud. As Seven finishes assembling his Geballte Ladung, the Polish laborers begin arming themselves from the cart, talking excitedly among themselves as they grab rifles, ammunition and grenades. They suddenly grow silent as they see two grenades land among them, one at their feet and another in the cart among the weapons and ammunition.  They only have time to realize what is about to happen before a series of explosions rocks the courtyard.  The grenade at their feet goes off first, stripping their legs out from underneath them and leaving Seven dazed and wounded.  As the grenade in the cart goes off, it creates more carnage among the laborers and leaves Seven bleeding from another wound.  In the split second between the second grenade and the explosion of the open grenade case in the cart, a laborer, dead on his feet, falls onto Seven's dazed body, protecting  him from the fireball that erupts, shaking the ground and the buildings violently.  The Poles are all dead, largely vaporized in the final explosion while the remnants of the cart burn briskly, small-arms rounds popping off randomly in the blaze. Shoved by the explosion's shockwave, Knuckles and Röcke rush up the stairs and find the Germans attention diverted to the blaze down below.  Throwing a grenade each, they kill the soldiers before they realize they are being attacked.  Tiny slumps against a wall, blood coming out of his nose and mouth as he dies in seconds, gasping like a dead fish. The building is now clear as a choking cloud of smoke and the stench of death fill the building and courtyard. On the Way to the Ruins: Suez and Lucky make their way up the hill, slowing a bit as the hill takes its toll on them.  Suddenly the night sky is illuminated as a flash of light and the sound of a massive explosion fills the air.  Even that far away, they can still faintly feel the wind of the shock wave and the smell of explosives. GM Notes: 
  • Seven, you expended 3 bennies on soak rolls and successfully avoided being turned into swiss cheese. There were two separate individual grenade attacks you were exposed to, plus the cart going up.  Normally you can only soak wounds once per attack, but was three attacks going off at the same time, so you got three rolls. You now have two wounds, meaning you suffer a -2" to your Pace and -2 to any Trait rolls.  You are also Shaken.  Also, you fell onto the grenade case and everything you were working with, protecting it from the blast.
  • Seven, you might wonder why I didn't use a bennie to reroll the second attack.  After the first attack, you were able to escape after your soak roll with being shaken and wounded. That was pretty good considering the damage you could have taken on that first grenade. I rolled good on the second attack, reducing it to a single success. However, if you are already shaken (first attack) the first success on another attack is a wound (so that's your second).  The third attack was so heinous in damage, I wanted to save the extra bennie for that, but didn't need it as I rolled ridiculously well.  I can't go back and then reroll a soak roll for an attack that has already been completed.
  • FYI, it takes 10 minutes to make a healing roll.
  • Don't forget that if you get a Joker for initiative, you can go whenever you want in the round, even interrupting another character's action.  In addition, add +2 to all Trait tests for the round, and +2 to damage totals as well.
  • German troops that are not in the cover of the trees (medium cover) will go into the prone, which gives medium cover to all opponents (except those within 4").
  • FYI, when ammo burns, the casings are the things that tend to fly about, not the bullets.
  • The big explosion could be seen and heard for quite some distance.
  • Floor plan for upstairs is same as downstairs except no doors to outside (obviously).
  • Vitals page is updated.

19 comments to Rendezvous in Mewe – Pt. 11

  • Scope sighs, gently picks up his rifle, retrieves his brass, and beats a hasty but well-covered retreat through the ruins. (OOC: checkpoints M18, E20, and – if there’s time – into what appears to be cover outside the ruins at B23.) He will shoulder the rifle and reaches for the Welrod as he’s moving through the ruins.

  • Ok….on to Plan ‘C’ then…

    If anyone has some weird or magical powers they have been holding back on, now would be the time to use them…

    I guess shooting someone negates the whole 30 seconds thing. Knuckles and I will ready the MG so that we can open the window facing the Germans and open fire next round if needed. If we can suck them in a bit closer by not firing on them this round, maybe we can get them to clump up a bit. Röcke will quickly grab the nearest German cover or helmet that should be in the room, open the window facing the Germans and shout in German “Cease Fire! Cease Fire! We got them all!” Hopefully the ensuing discussion will either take up a few rounds, allowing folks to either get up the hill, recover a bit, or find a good position…or cause them to walk into the court yard, which we can turn into our own killing zone.

    • Bob Gamemaster

      Note: It’s an MG 34, Range 30/50/120, Damage 2d8, ROF 3. 50 shot belt, AP2, Auto, Snapfire (-2 shooting if moving in same action) The weapon has a fresh 50 round belt in it, plus 4 more 50 round belts (250 rounds total). Firing uses up 9 rounds (3 shots of 3 bullets each).

  • OOC: Now I remember why I hate Bob with the white hot intensity of a thousand burning suns! 🙂 Need to think through the next move, will post again in a bit. Especially with the joker for initiative. I’m still a little confused by the comments on damage, but I used 3 bennies?

  • Did I Manage to complete the bomb?

  • I Guess the description says I did complete the bomb. Re-read some combat rules. Since I’m shaken, I can’t do anything unless I make a spirit roll right? Can you make the roll and let me know what action options I have? I don’t think I’m allowed to throw the grenades?

    • Bob Gamemaster

      You made your roll with a raise, so you can perform normal actions. The bonuses you got from the joker offset your trait penalties for this round.

      Yes, you used three bennies, one for each attack for a soak roll. You can have the bennies back, but you are going to have something like 10 wounds. Everyone – read the rules on soaking damage, it’s an integral part of the game. Bennies are what allow wildcards to do amazing things, like somehow walk out of a horrific blast with only a couple minor wounds.

      And, to be fair, it wasn’t until you started shouting at the Poles to come fight, while standing under a pair of windows where Germans, and Tiny – a Polish speaker, were watching/listening, that I thought, “Gee, why wouldn’t these guys drop grenades down into the cart?”

  • “Maudit!”

    Concerned for his comrades, Lucky steels himself and continues to drive forward.

  • Churning onward. As the ruins draw near, will take full advantage of cover.

  • Knuckles will head to the upstairs window (if there is one) and see what he can shoot at with the rifle he took from the cart. If any krauts happen to come around below me (you never know) I’ll drop a grenade on them.

  • Seven wants to place his grenade in DD5. If I have calculated the ranges (do we calculate diagonals the same as D&D?) I should be able to step out, throw the grenade and step back inside, all the way into the small room with the stairs.

  • Bob Gamemaster

    Another note on the MG, it takes a d8 Strength to fire the thing without penalty, which would mean Knuckles should be the gunner when you get to that point.

  • I thought all my bennies were spent… If I have one and I miss, I will spend it.

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