Recent Events: 10 Sept ’39

8 Sept:Polish defenders at Westerplatte surrendered
9 Sept: Battle of the Bzura begins.
9 Sept: British Expeditionary Forces (BEF) began landing in France.
10 Sept: Canada declared war on Germany.


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Rendezvous in Mewe – Pt. 5

At the Ruins: Scope finishes assembling his rifle and quickly moves to into a firing position in the rubble, takes aim and fires.  The bullet hits the stone work of the window near the Officers head spraying his face with stone fragments.  Shaking his head, the officer yells at his soldiers to open fire. The machine gun team and other soldiers on the second floor open fire on Scope's position and the rubble erupts in dust and tracers, but Scope remains safe from the assault.  Other soldiers open fire on Thor, but strike the wagon.  The horses scream in terror and it looks like they will bolt. Röcke and Thor open fire on the soldiers in the open doorway near Seven, bringing down one of the soldiers.  At the same time Seven lobs a grenade up through the open window.  Several screams are heard as the explosion rocks the building and the metallic whirl of a thousand angry metal hornets fills the air.  The assistant gunner slumps to the floor covered in blood but somehow the gunner stays up, shaken but conscious. Meanwhile, Knuckles manages to sneak up to the window and finds it shuttered but sees how he could easily open the locked shutters with his knife.  Unfortunately Knuckles movement in the woods off to his east and he is getting an uneasy feeling in his stomach about it. At the Boat: Suez and Lucky hear the sound of gunfire, both automatic and small-arms.  The noise captures everyone attention. GM Notes:
  • Scope actually hit and wounded the Officer, but the GM spent one of his bennies to soak the damage, leaving the officer shaken.  On his turn, the Officer rolled for his shaken status and succeeded with a raise, meaning he could act normally.  As a narrative I told this as if it all happened simultaneously.
  • People at the boat can react next round and will be in the initiative order as normal.
  • Vitals page has been updated.
  • To answer Knuckles question, yes that is a staircase in the corner.

7 comments to Rendezvous in Mewe – Pt. 5

  • Gunfire! A trap. Concealed within the trees and the darkness of the evening, Lucky considers the options. Too far from Suez, yelling would reveal his position. Convenient that the others remain on the boat…what if?…can the captain be trusted?

    Lucky does his best at this distance to see how those on the boat react. Do they come running or do they start releasing the moorings? If they leave, Lucky will bolt from the trees and head in a northeasterly (map-wise) direction to try and meet up with Suez. If they come running, Lucky will wait until they pass and follow…and if he hears any German, they die.

    OOC: Lucky holds a move action, readies a Vis, and attempts Notice skill on the reactions of the boatmen.

    OOC: Is it evening and dark? No lights near the boat?

  • Scope shakes his head and says a Hail Mary. Then, whistling softly, he chambers another round and attempts to send it right into the bastard’s yelling maw. (OOC: Scope will spend a benny or 20 to take the officer down.)

  • Bob Gamemaster

    GM Note: I have kid-school responsibilities tonight up in Baltimore, so I won’t be back until late. Most likely update this first thing in the morning if everyone gets their moves in today.

  • Lars will ready a grenade and, if able to, lob it over the horses and into the door way at J6 (spending Bennies as needed to make it). If not able to, he will at least keep an eye on that door, just to make sure no one is trying to flank Scope in the rubble. If the horses try to bolt, Lars will try to keep them between Thor and himself and the MG. If they back out of the entrance way, Lars will head towards the hole at Q18 and try to extract Scope so we can all get the heck out of here. Renforcements can’t be too far away, and we don’t have enough people for any extended firefight.

  • Seven will peer around the corner at P6 to see if he can get a shot off at the soldier behind it. If not, he will use the door as cover as he attempts to go through it and shoot the soldier on the other side. Will use a benny to absorb damage if needed.

  • –If it’s not too late– Knuckles will try to get the quietly window open, keeping one eye on the woods.

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