Recent Events: 10 Sept ’39

8 Sept:Polish defenders at Westerplatte surrendered
9 Sept: Battle of the Bzura begins.
9 Sept: British Expeditionary Forces (BEF) began landing in France.
10 Sept: Canada declared war on Germany.


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Rendezvous in Mewe – Pt. 7

At the Ruins: Scope opens fire and kills the stunned machine gunner.  Another soldier quickly pushes the dead man out of the way and prepares to fire the gun. An angry German soldier runs down the staircase and takes a quick shot at Seven with his Kar98, but the shot ricochets off the doorway.  Upstairs, Thor's so-called friend Tiny reappears at the window where the Wehrmacht Officer had been.  "Here's a going away present Erich!" he shouts and lobs a grenade out the window.  The grenade bounces under the horses feet near the yoke of the wagon and explodes sending shrapnel everywhere.  The horse next to Röcke is brutally gutted and collapses but saves Röcke from suffering any damage. The other horse is only lightly wounded but is senseless and begins kicking the wagon over and over again. While the shrapnel manages to avoid hitting Seven, the blast of the explosion leaves him dazed, leaning against the building for support.  Thor lies on the ground bleeding profusely from his left leg and screaming loudly in pain.  The shrapnel has maimed his leg severely and he is only barely conscious. In retaliation, Röcke opens fire on Tiny and hits him in the shoulder wounding him. Knuckles looks over to see the shadows quickly forming into a skirmish line.  They are still about 100ft away and are hard to see, but it seems they are setting up to fire on everyone as they try to make it out of the main gate.  The bushes and trees seem to be hiding Knuckles from their view, at least as far as he can tell. At the Docks: As Lucky runs up the path moving closer to combat, Suez keeps a careful eye out for the enemy.  Suez's attention is drawn to the dock where the crew members have thrown off the mooring lines and are sprinting back up the gangplank as the engine on the boat revs up.  It appears the boat is leaving early...without you. GM Notes:
  • Thor is the victim of a particularly heinous roll on my part.  You roll 3D6-2 for the grenade (for each target).  For Thor I rolled a natural 18.  You reroll a dice and add the result to it anytime you roll the max on that die.  Needless to say, even with bennies he would still be in miserable shape.
  • Seven is Shaken.  Seven, I went ahead and made your roll to recover (which normally happens at your action) and you succeed, so you can perform any "free" action (like moving) or you can spend a bennie and perform normal actions.
  • I am using the officer counter to represent "Tiny."
  • Vitals page has been updated.

12 comments to Rendezvous in Mewe – Pt. 7

  • Knuckles will go through the window in order to get behind some solid cover, then get ready to start shooting the group coming from the east. I will warn Seven about them, too. I don’t think the Welrod is going to be a big help here, and I didn’t bring a rifle, so I’m going to look for a handy dead kraut rifle- either that or, if Gamemaster is okay with it, I’ll use my Pop’s NYPD police special (from my bio), which probably has better rate of fire and accuracy at range than Welrod.

    Objective: Kill dem doity krauts before dey kill me! 🙂

    • Bob Gamemaster

      You realize that there’s a guy inside the room at the base of the stairs (right next to you but he doesn’t see you). He just came down the stairs and took the pot shot at Seven. If you want to come in through the window blazing death at him at point blank range, I will, of course, allow that. 🙂

  • Those river pirates are trying to slip us the old midnight tally-ho, are they? We’ll bloody well see about that. Suez jumps up and sprints for the dock while drawing his Welrod. I’ll need two rounds to reach the boat. If it will be away before then, this plan will adjust accordingly.

    • Bob Gamemaster

      You think you may just be able to reach it in time to jump aboard the ship…alone with a bunch of sailors who are armed with rifles and who don’t look interested in taking on any passengers.

  • Bob Gamemaster

    Will advance this round once everyone has their moves turned in.

  • OOC: I thought all the enemy were dead in the room, will read more carefully next time.

    Knuckles would definitely take that goon out with the Welrod before piling through the window. Assuming that works, I relieve my victim of his rifle (assuming he has one) and get my shooting gallery set up for the krauts coming from the east. I verbally check in with Seven to see if he’s all right and to warn him of the enemies outside. I am also going to be watching and listening for anyone else coming down those stairs.

  • OOC: Glad Thor got that roll and not me 😉

    This is getting ugly… Röcke quickly pats himself down thinking that for sure he must be hit somewhere. Very surprised that he’s not, he squats down to pick up Thor in a fireman’s carry and quickly tries to move him in through the doorway at P6, pistol drawn in his free hand in case things aren’t totally resolved inside.

    Did someone say something about more Germans??

  • Hustling up the path in the darkness, Lucky tries to keep a positive light on the mission. Images of dead and bloody Germans floating down the river, cutting the throat of the bastard who ratted on them…is that movement ahead, or is it just the adrenaline?

    OOC: Run, toward bend in the path as established by Röcke. Use Notice skill to seek out any movement and listen for noises not coming from the ruins. If anything should come up ahead from him, he’ll either drop prone to the ground or dive to nearest cover (if any) with weapons drawn and ready.

  • OOC: Seven is trying to remember if anything of use (for this moment) was put into the horse cart. If so he will start looking for something. If there is nothing of great use, Seven will stagger through the door at P6 and try to go up the stairs. The room should hopefully have a dead German in it after Knuckles goes. If he is still up, will go to other door and into that room. Will not use Bennie to recover, just take the move action. In Polish: “Somebody kill the machine gunner! We need that gun! And by the way, we have a cart full of weapons sitting right here!”

  • Scope nods to himself at the appearance of the AG and calmly chambers another round. Drawing another full breath, he lightly pats the stock of the German weapon (of which he’s becoming quite fond), lets his breath out halfway, and tries for the presumably flailing new machine gunner.

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