Recent Events: 10 Sept ’39

8 Sept:Polish defenders at Westerplatte surrendered
9 Sept: Battle of the Bzura begins.
9 Sept: British Expeditionary Forces (BEF) began landing in France.
10 Sept: Canada declared war on Germany.


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Rendezvous in Mewe – Pt. 8

At the Ruins: Scope chambers a new round, takes aim, breathes out halfway, holds it, squeezes the trigger, and another Wehrmacht soldier is sent to the great beyond, dead before he can even hear the sound of the gunshot. Röcke then picks up Thor and shoulders him up off the ground and onto his shoulders.  Röcke moves as quickly as he can with his load and go inside the building, coming face to face with a startled German soldier.  The soldier attempts a quick shot at Röcke but miraculously misses. Thor groans loudly, slipping in and out of consciousness, oblivious to what is happening around him . His companions badly beaten , the soldier  in the eastern side of the building moves back up the stairs quickly and out of sight.  Seeing him leave, Knuckles moves through the window quickly and quietly, spreading the word on the incoming troops and covering the stairs. Regaining his bearing, Seven moves to the cart and begins gathering supplies. Meanwhile to the east the incoming German soldiers move up quickly in a line, looking to cut off any escape in that direction. At the Dock: Lucky continues to  move down the path toward the rendezvous area, trying to close the distance as quickly as possible. As the boat begins to slowly move off, the sailors crouch down behind the bulwarks and aim their rifles at the shore.  Seeing Suez moving towards them one rises up, shaking his fist in the air and yelling loudly in German at Suez. GM Notes:
  • Quick recap: One soldier in the room with Thor an Röcke.  At least one more upstairs with a wounded "Tiny."  I am not showing opponents you cannot see.  You also have soldiers coming in from the east.  Finally the boat is leaving without you and they seem disinterested in what happens to you.
  • Seven, if you wanted to get supplies from the cart, then you are there, otherwise consider yourself by Röcke.
  • Suez, not sure if you still wanted to move closer to the boat or not.  If so you are, otherwise I consider you moving off after Lucky.
  • The Vitals page has been updated with new initiative order.  To keep things simple, I am treating Tiny like a Wehrmacht Officer.

10 comments to Rendezvous in Mewe – Pt. 8

  • As soon as I get shot at, I’m taking aim and shooting the German in the room. I will keep shooting at him until he goes down. Then I will lower Thor to the floor and bind up his leg until someone with better medical skills than I can attend to him. Once I hear about more Germans coming through the woods, I will suggest that we obtain the MG, and aim it out a window from the second floor that hopefully over looks the advancing Germans! I will also keep a look out for an SMG of some sort (MP34 or MP35 I would guess, as those were most prevalent during the Polish campaign…but I’ll take an MP40 if I see one 😉 ), along with all the clips I can find as well as some German grenades…. I suspect that we will need them.

  • Seven will grab a case of grenades, a rifle and ammo if he can. He will then move to P11. If I have time left I will ready as many grenades as I can.

  • Lucky quickens his pace as he approaches the rendezvous point, and will seek cover as soon as he arrives. He feels blind and desires to get a moment to take stock of the situation. Glancing back over his shoulder he mutters under the pace of his breathing, “…where the hell is Suez?!”

  • Scope sees Seven rummaging about in the wagon. “Pssst. Seven? What’s going on?”

  • Seven replies: I’m preparing a warm reception for approaching 20 German guests to the East. If you look out that window, you can tell them Hello.”

  • Suez mutters “bloody Hell” under his breath as he sees that the riverboat is beyond retrieval. He, too, shakes his fist and yells in a mix of French and English, “Damn you Riesman, you bloody coward! Get your arse back here!” (OOC: Suez doesn’t speak German, but can he pick out any of what the sailor shouted? Can he see Riesman? That might affect what comes next. If not, then …) Turning away from the river, he wonders “now where in Hell has Lucky gotten off to,” and begins moving toward the ruins, parallel to the cart path but not on it. He’s keeping an eye out for Lucky and for movement and muzzle flashes from the direction of the ruins.

    • Bob Gamemaster

      You can get the gist that what the sailor was saying wasn’t very polite and that he would probably shoot at you if you came closer. Riesmann is visible on deck as he is watching the proceedings.

  • Knuckles follows Seven to the cart to pick out a rifle and grab some grenades. Once outfitted, Knuckles will tell Seven and whoever is nearby what he plans to do: he will go looking for the kraut who went up the stairs and put him out of our misery. Then, if there is an upper window, Knuckles will take position against the incoming enemy there.

  • Taking his cue from Seven, Scope will try to find a serviceable firing position in the rubble at Q18.

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