Recent Events: 10 Sept ’39

8 Sept:Polish defenders at Westerplatte surrendered
9 Sept: Battle of the Bzura begins.
9 Sept: British Expeditionary Forces (BEF) began landing in France.
10 Sept: Canada declared war on Germany.


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Rendezvous in Mewe – Pt. 9

At the Ruins: Knuckles eyes widen as a live grenade comes bouncing down the stairs and lands at his feet.  Thinking quickly he dives out the open doorway an avoids the deadly shrapnel.  Picking himself up he moves to the cart and begins loading up supplies. Röcke's pistol blazes at close range at the soldier and a blackened hole appears in the soldiers jacket as he takes a step back grabbing his chest.  His look of horror turns to one of amazement as he pulls a dented metal flask from his pocket.  Glaring triumphantly he fires at Röcke again and misses.  His grin turns to one of horror and he quickly beats a hasty retreat heading for the stairs screaming "Don't Shoot" in German.  As the German moves away, Röcke sets Thor carefully down against the wall. Thor opens his eyes and sees Röcke.  He reaches into his pocket an pulls out his oilskin journal.  "Here, take this.  You don't need me, everything is in here.  You will never escape with me wounded like this." Seven finds the supplies he wants an gets them off the cart. As Scope moves through the rubble to cover the east, he notices a pair of hands reach up and pull the MG from the window. The soldiers move up through the woods and one of them shoots a flare up into the air which illuminates the ruins. On the Way to the Ruins: Lucky continues moving at a brisk pace to the rendezvous point, while Suez begins doing the same, muttering obscenities under his breath. GM Notes:
  • Knuckles, you had to expend two bennies to avoid that grenade.  Sorry I rolled poorly, but I didn't think you wanted to eat it and tossing it back would have been an even more difficult roll.
  • Röcke, you hit the soldier but the damage wasn't even equal to his Toughness, and you can't expend bennies to reroll damage.  So I stuck in a bit of drama there to explain it all.
  • Vitals page has been updated.
  • Seven, it's basically took your whole turn to uncover the crates, they were camouflaged after all, crack some open for a rifle an ammo, then find a grenade crate and drag it off.  Knuckles, you can benefit from Seven's work next turn and find what you want and move.
  • Edit: Added Mewe map for reference so people don't have to go find it.

20 comments to Rendezvous in Mewe – Pt. 9

  • OOC: How many grenades are in the case?

  • OOC: point of order here; is there no way to do a “keep firing until he’s down” kind of thing?? I was about to empty the clip into this guy, and I only get one shot?!? Point of order II: if the German ran to the stairs, would he not get caught in the grenade blast, since him and the German upstairs would go at the same time??

    I’ll take the journal from Thor…”We’ll see when it comes time to leave…none of us will get out if they box us in here.” Röcke will stick his head out the door way and yell to Seven “Seven! See if you can get these Poles”, jerking a thumb towards the rear, “to pick up some weapons there and start killing Krouts! Maybe they can entertain the Germans long enough for us to make our escape! We need to start getting out of here!!” Turning to Knuckles “Knuckles! Help me take the second floor! We need to get that MG working or we’re gonners!!”

    OOC: Are these SS or Wehrmacht troops?? Collar Insignia?? I take it none of the dead Germans in the room have an MP34 or MP 35??

    I will then retrieve some grenades from the dead Germans in the room and, if I have enough actions left, lob one or two up the stairway…. assuming the German isn’t there, otherwise I will shoot him and keep shooting him till he goes down.

    • Bob Gamemaster

      1) You can fire twice, but you are at -2 for each extra action after the first, the minuses are cumalative, and apply to all shots. So firing three shots would be -4 to all three shots, meaning you would need an 8 to hit. Even firing two shots, your first shot would have missed had you had a -2 on it. That’s not to say you can’t move and shoot, or shoot or move, but if you want to shoot more than once with a non-automatic weapon, there’s a cost. Besides, it’s a dark room with smoke and dead bodies everywhere so I figured confusion was the order of the day. I was amazed the guy missed you twice.

      2) Actually, Tiny threw that and he goes as a Wehrmacht officer, so the actions are at separate times and the grenade went off before the soldier ran for the stairs.

      3) Wehrmacht troops. Been saying that since the battle began. Even says so on the vitals page. 🙂

  • OOC: How many more rounds until the rendezvous point?

    • Bob Gamemaster

      Well, normally you run your pace, which in your case is 6″. 6″ translates to 12 yards. When you really want to run, you can roll an additional d6 and take that movement as well. You have rolled above average, so you are almost halfway there (90 yards along), it being 200 yards or so and you have run three rounds. A round is 6 seconds. So a world class athlete would be able to run that distance, in good conditions, in 3-4 rounds. I would say, depending on how you roll, another 4 rounds at least, maybe 5. Hard to really say as the extra d6 could be a 1, or a 6 (letting you roll it again). Of course you could head directly for the ruins and save time…

      Btw, when you are running full out like this you are at a -2 for all other actions.

      As to Suez, yes, he is two rounds behind you. (and Suez, correct me if I got anything wrong about running).

  • OOC: Suez is two movement rounds behind Lucky?

  • OOC: are we blinded by the flare?

    • Bob Gamemaster

      I assume you smart enough to keep your sighting eye closed. 😛

      Most of you are either inside, under cover, or looking down at crates, so I will give you benefit of the doubt. Primarily there to help Germans see better.

  • Bob Gamemaster

    Going to allow extra time (until tomorrow) for people to strategize. Good time for it.

    • OOC: As I tried to express in my move post, we need to somehow deal with the German squad approaching, and get the heck out of here before more Germans come looking around at what the commotion is. Hopefully Seven can convince the Poles to defend the place and put up some kind of resistance. Knuckles and I need to get upstairs and fire the MG on the crowd outside, who are conveniently all standing in a line just waiting to be mowed down. Once we get the Poles working the MG and lobbing the grenades, we slip out the back and head to the rendezvous point. We take Thor with us if at all possible, even if he’s dead by the time we get done dealing with the German squad.

      Since the Germans seem to know our plans, I’m guessing that we don’t follow the complete directions that must be in Thor’s journal…or we will keep running into more Germans.

  • Seeing the flare light up the night sky over the ruins, Lucky figures things must being going from bad to worse. Reinforcements! He veers off the cart path and races directly for the brightly lit ruins.

    Thinking about an exit to this stage, Lucky considers the possibility that those who have set this trap probably did not arrive here on foot. A truck or halftrack possibly? Heist a lift, power his way to the ruins, pick up his mates, and drive the hell out.

    “It could work, ” he tries to convince himself out loud.

  • Scope removes his coat and wraps the muzzle of his rifle with it in an attempt to suppress the flash. He chambers a round… and waits for the first enemy to step into the light of the flare.

  • OOC: I think Knuckles and Rocke should get upstairs, clear the remaining Germans, capture the LMG and capture Tiny (we need info from him- where is the helmet?). You can then use the LMG to wipe out the troops outside from the window. I wanted to do that from the beginning, but couldn’t even make it into the room. 🙁 Scope and I can eliminate quite a few, I can rig the grenade case to be very nasty. Lucky and Suez may arrive in time to catch some of the troops from behind. The helmet could still be here and if it is, we need to get it now as I don’t think returning will be an option. I agree we need to deviate from the plan from here on, Tiny was a double agent and we don’t know how much was revealed to the Germans- we will need to find our own way back.

    Seven will move his supplies to cover in P8 and begin to rig his surprise for the Germans. (I was going to ask if I could string a bunch together, but the picture you had was far prettier) Seven should have some det cord and maybe a few blasting caps from his kit to add. Since Seven is playing with 7 warheads, I will spend a bennie to the demolitions roll, and probably one on the throw when I do it. ( BTW, what is the throwing range of my “little friend”?) While working, he yells in Polish: “My friends! The Germans have no intention of allowing you to leave here alive! But you and I are Poles and this is still Poland! Save yourselves and help us fight for our homeland! Pick up a rifle and send these rat bastards straight back to Hell!!!

  • Bob Gamemaster

    I want Knuckles to weigh in with his action as well, so I will wait until tomorrow morning (Saturday) to update this.

  • Knuckles, glad to have dodged the grenade, grabs a rifle, ammo and fills his coat pockets with grenades. As mentioned earlier, he intends to go up the stairs and take out the remaining krauts. He now has a grudge against the one who threw that grenade at him! He will also attempt to capture Tiny.

    To Röcke: “Let’s go moida dem bastids!”

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