Recent Events: 10 Sept ’39

8 Sept:Polish defenders at Westerplatte surrendered
9 Sept: Battle of the Bzura begins.
9 Sept: British Expeditionary Forces (BEF) began landing in France.
10 Sept: Canada declared war on Germany.


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Escaping the Gauntlet – Pt. 1

On the Move: After loading themselves up, the team gathers themselves together and moves out into the night.  The German officer, bound and gagged doesn't seem too interested in keeping up a brisk pace, and Seven's leg causes problems, but the group maintains a decent pace away from the ruins, given its night in unfamiliar territory.  Having found a map on the dead German officer, the team uses it to avoid German troops.   A tense moment comes as you have to cross a main east-west road heading towards the now destroyed bridge.  Several minutes pass before there is a sufficient gap between vehicles and patrols for you to cross safely. You now find yourselves in a hollow in the terrain, surrounded by brush and trees, near the river.  While you are not completely safe, you have a moment's breathing space.  You can hear vehicles and men, and see lights in the far distance and realize that they are still hunting for you. GM Notes:
  • Approximately 15 more minutes have passed (20 total).  Most of that was lost waiting to cross the road.
  • I provided a variety of maps for planning purposes.  Your current location is marked with the crosshair. Marienwerder is marked as Kwidzyn (its Polish name) on your maps.
  • I will need a marching order.
  • On the military map, I could have used accurate period German military unit designations, instead of the more common US ones I used.  I went with what I was comfortable with and what I know at least some of you can read and understand.

32 comments to Escaping the Gauntlet – Pt. 1

  • I think if we can take the 10 minutes here for Suez to heal me, that would be good. It will increase my speed if successful and we could try to interrogate the officer. Will have to be careful on that, as he can scream out if we remove the gag. As far getting out of our partial encirclement, I like trying to go down the river.

  • OOC: Just got back. Hoped Lucky had grabbed the third MG and as many rounds as he could carry.

    • Bob Gamemaster

      That’s a good question about the MG’s. I assumed the group grabbed all the ammo, but other than Knuckles, only Scope can actually use an MG without a penalty (you need to have a d8 str). I am pretty sure Scope, being a sniper, isn’t going to want an MG. So does anyone want to lug one around (and I need confirmation that Knuckles wants to)?

  • I think we need to acquire some motorized transport. We could go south on E75 then ditch transportation and cut North behind the west side of mountains west and south of Nicponia. Cutting behind troop lines. Mountains might be better cover….unless some one can figure out how to cross the river.

  • Considering we are still in enemy territory it might be good to have some extra firepower. I will lug the MG along, at least for now. As far as which way to go, I’ll let the egg-heads figure that out. 🙂

  • i think we need to figure out a way down and across the river. I don’t think we do the interrogation of the officer here just yet…we need a more secluded spot for that. Suez should to the healing thing on Seven. I will take the time to start reading through Thor’s journal. I will turn my back on the Officer so he cannot see what I am doing. Kunckles should watch the German and make sure he stays put & quite. Lucky & Scope should keep a watch out for those German platoons. Once we get Seven a bit better, we should move further down the river, with an eye for finding a house or building that we can chat with the Officer without fear of someone hearing him if he decides to yell….or scream depending on how the “chat” goes 😉 If we can find a boat that can us all, we should look to cross the river. If we can find a boat that will take half of us, and we can’t hear or see any German troops, we should look into doing two crossings to get us all on the other side of the river.

    Marching order: Scope, Lucky, Suez & Seven (if he needs more help), German Officer, Röcke, Kunckles w/MG

    For sure, Knuckles should have an MG. I think we can get by with one, but if Lucky won’t be overly encumbered, a second MG would be nice. At some point, we will want to ditch them and try to be much more covert. Rally point once we move out is our current location.

  • OOC: I’ll crack a bennie on the healing roll for Seven, if necessary.

    The German company on the south wall of this ring around Mewe is stretched across nearly a kilometer of front. That should leave plenty of holes to slip through, if we march that way. But there’s what looks like a canal between them and us. We might find a boat there, that would let us cross the river right here if it looks safe. Or we might be able to hijack a fishing crew before dawn and make them carry us a few miles upriver. The map shows no towns on the right bank. We could put ashore with plenty of privacy, but rounding up a car or truck could be iffy. Otherwise, it looks like about 10 miles to Marienwerder. Not too bad a hike if I do my job properly on Seven.

  • Bob Gamemaster

    A couple of quick updates:

    1) Suez does some quick work on Seven muttering how about it’s only a few scratches and looks far worse than it actually is. Some sulfa, a few sutures, and a generous shot of scotch later, Seven can’t believe how much better he feels. OOC: Suez rolled an 8 (ace) + 7 + 2 (for medic) which was more than enough to completely heal Seven.

    2) A quick little recon does indeed turn up a small row boat in the canal. All of you could fit on board in one go, but it would be very crowded.

    3) Röcke, a quick perusal of the journal let’s you know that it’s a lot of information about the Teutonic Knights, with special information on Der Heilige Flamme des Törzburg and what is known about it, including how to access it. It’s mostly in German, although there are bits of Latin sprinkled throughout. You see enough to know you don’t stand a chance of understanding the contents unless you have a good light source and some time.

  • “Hmm, good scotch! Thanks Suez!” I do Latin and German, but I would still need light.

  • Scope will position himself outside the current perimeter, taking a prone position (with his rifle) facing the ruins. Before stepping out, he will confirm Röcke’s assumptions. (OOC: we need to get the heck out of here, and across the river is priority one. After the crossing, 10 klicks is nothing. We need not pussyfoot with the German officer — if he knows what’s good for him, he’ll do as we direct him to, and there are some relatively direct and downright rude ways to make sure he does know what is good for him.)

  • Reluctantly, Lucky hands over the extra MG to Knuckles. Probably best that he not encumber himself at this point, though he considers how satisfying it might be right now to mow down some of the enemy and that miserable boat captain. Yes, *that* one deserves special attention.

    Muttering to himself and readying his Vis pistols, “…another time, another place, mon ami.” Lucky finds a tree to duck down behind and joins Scope in covering our ass.

    OOC: Readies weapons, and uses Notice skill to look for any approaching soldiers. FINAL.

  • Bob Gamemaster

    Ok, so do you guys want to head south, or try and take the boat over (in 1 or 2 waves)?

    You still see movement of vehicles from time to time on the road to the north, but nobody is coming in your direction…yet.

  • Sounds like we’re heading to the riverside.

  • I think the consensus is the river. I don’t like separating, I think we should try to stay together. The last fight was harder as we were split up.

  • Bob Gamemaster

    Here’s a snapshot of the rowboat you find on the canal. As you can see, you could seat 5 on the benches – 1 up front, and two on each of the other benches. The other two people could crouch down in the space between the benches.

    I need to know who is sitting/crouching where, including your prisoner. Also, how is your prisoner bound for this trip?

    Once I know all that I can do an update.

  • (OOC: my vote is for two trips. Trying to pile all of us with a decidedly unfriendly into one trip sounds like it might end in nightmare, albeit a comical one.)

  • OOC: Comedy is good. I vote for comedy!

  • OOC: Hey, maybe Knuckles can get out and kick! He’s the big strong one.

  • I vote comedy too. Besides, unlike half the group, I can swim!

  • With all the Germans around, I’m thinking we are better off with one crowded boat trip, than two trips that split the group up again. So…. German on the floor tied up hands and legs w/gag still in place. Scope & Knuckles on the oars (unless we have more than two oars?) Lucky & Seven towards the front, Suez in the middle or wherever he can fit around the rowers, and myself in the back….steering if at all possible (board, fan, stopsign,… whatever I can find).

    OOC: Since I have boating skills, I’m guessing we get the most bang for the buck by having the stronger folks row, and have me steering.

    If we ever found that tarp, rain poncho, etc., we will place it over the German who is laying down in front of the rowers. MG will not be next to him. We want to do this as quietly as possible…so slow quiet rowing, unless we are discovered… then row like hell.

  • OOC: I’m with Rocke on making a single crossing. We triple our time on the river and our chance of attracting attention if the boat has to cross three times. If we are noticed, it seems that a crowded rowboat is less likely to attract suspicion than one that crosses, returns, and crosses again. We’re in the stew no matter what if we get stopped with a gagged German officer in the scuppers.

  • OOC: By the way, rowboats aren’t steered, they are driven directionally with the oars, there is no tiller. Rocke can direct the rowers, but can’t steer the boat unless he is one of the rowers. I still think the 2 strongest should row though.

  • “Non navis dux quod a rowboat non agricola? “OOC: Dan’s German came out more as gibberish on the translator, Andy’s French came out perfect. Just sayin’. And if you look at the picture of the rowboat, you will see no tiller, “ship master”. Were you planning on steering it with your oversized webbed feet? Maybe they call him Rocke because his ships all sank like one? 🙂

  • Well, it is a smallish boat. Shall we proceed?

  • OOC: Question- I’m already carrying the MG I was using upstairs, if Lucky hands me the extra I will be carrying two- is that do-able? Also, I better have someone else helping watch the prisoner, we should keep more than one set of eyes on him. I won’t be gentle with him if he get’s out of line. 🙂 Also, sorry Dan, but one has no choice but to have a chuckle regarding your real life ‘boating skills’. I’m thinking of Blake Island… lol 😀

    Knuckles will be happy to row if needed, under Röcke’s expert tutelage, of course.

    • Bob Gamemaster

      Well, an MG weighs about 23 lbs so I would say, no, you don’t want to carry two. It’s not like you can do a Rambo wielding one with each arm.

  • OOC: Fortunately for us, we don’t have to rely on our real world skill set 🙂

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