Recent Events: 10 Sept ’39

8 Sept:Polish defenders at Westerplatte surrendered
9 Sept: Battle of the Bzura begins.
9 Sept: British Expeditionary Forces (BEF) began landing in France.
10 Sept: Canada declared war on Germany.


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Rendezvous in Mewe – Epilogue

At the Ruins: Röcke gets the drop on the Officer and shouts in German “Drop the gun or Die!! Surrender!!”   To punctuate the demand, Knuckles mans the MG again and ruthlessly guns down the soldier manning the MG outside.  Knuckles turns around, one hand resting on the MG, and smiles broadly at the Officer saying, "What's it going to be pal?" The Wehrmacht Officer's eyes move back and forth between Knuckles and Röcke, as if calculating the odds.  Finally he sighs and lowers his Luger, reversing his hold on it and handing it to Röcke grip first.  In German, the Officer says, "My name is Oberleutnant Hans Schöber, for now you have me at a disadvantage." Scope keeps a careful eye out for any pursuit from his vantage point in the thick brush. Seeing the German soldier dazedly crawling along the floor, Seven steps around the wall and throws another grenade, which explodes directly under the poor confused fool, blasting him several feet into the air before he limply falls back to the ground with a meaty crunch. The final soldier in the building, hearing the shouts above him, breaks and scrambles out the window and into the forest screaming for the others to retreat, "All is lost!"  Unfortunately, he is running away from the others and is difficult to hear. Suez and Lucky strike as a team.  Suez moves up to point blank range and dazes the soldier with a point blank shot while Lucky finishes him off with another shot. Aftermath: The two remaining soldiers make a break for it, but are gunned down by Knuckles and Suez on the machine guns. The ruins are now yours, at grievous cost in life and limb, but for how long.  The noise of the conflict has to have been heard and it's only a matter of time before reinforcements arrive.  You now need to reorganize yourself and determine how to proceed with your mission. Thor will not be making the remainder of the journey with you.  He lies slumped against the wall, silent and at peace with the world. GM Notes:
  • You have possession of 2 MGs and can get a third if you want to run out there and grab it.  Right now you have perhaps 300 rounds between the two MGs and you can find another 200 on the bodies around where the northern MG was sitting.  This will take some time to search bodies in the dark in the brush.
  • The soldiers are armed with Kar98ks and hand grenades.  The officer has his Luger.
  • When things got to be inevitable, I just rolled the dice for the MGs, saw they hit the last two stragglers and wrapped things up there so we could move things along.
  • While you are not in combat, you don't have forever to futz around.  Describe what each of you are doing on the site, what your priorities are for the group, etc.
  • It takes ten minutes for a healer (Suez) to make a healing attempt on a wounded person (Seven).
  • It is 22:30 on 10 Sept.  The fishing trawler leaves Danzig NLT 23:30 on 13 Sept.
  • You are about 10 km from Marienwerder as the crow flies, 18km if you took roads.

11 comments to Rendezvous in Mewe – Epilogue

  • We need to leave this building, gather supplies and bug out. I don’t think we have time to interrogate right now, but we need to make sure the Kraut officer stays quiet while we move. Nor do we have 10 minutes for healing for me unfortunately. Thor’s book needs to be read as well. Hopefully it is written in German or Polish, but I am fluent in Latin as well if needed.
    Seven grabs a KAR98, 30 rounds for it and 1 grenade to top him off at 6 grenades. Looks over at Rocke and says “Orders sir?”

    • Bob Gamemaster

      FYI, you have a golden hour where a healer can do his stuff for you. After that it’s up to natural healing which is, as you can guess, much slower. Good news is that maybe 5 minutes have passed so you still have 55 minutes to get the healing done. Bad news, you are only as fast as your slowest element and your pace is lowered by 1/3 (2″).

  • We could move to a better area and take the 10 minutes. I wouldn’t complain. 🙂

  • Ja… I’m with Seven. If Knuckles would please bind and gag the Oberleutnant so we can move him out of here, that would be great. We will question him later at a better spot. I will hang on to his Luger for now. Suez should see to Seven and get him in a moveable state. I will search the body of the first German officer for anything of value, as well as Thor to see if there is anything else he might not have had time to give me. LIke Seven, I will grab a few extra grenades as well. Once we have all reunited and got everyone ready to move, I think we should proceed south parallel to the river until we can find some sort of shelter out of sight of the Ruins where Suez can have his 10 minutes of healing goodness for Seven, and we can more easily question the Oberleutnant. Hopefully Scope can scout ahead for shelter/German Patrols/etc. The first good thicket of brush/woods on our walk will be our rally point….which I’ll hand signal as we pass.

  • Right-o then. I’ll bind up Seven with an emphasis on making sure he isn’t trailing blood, and I’ll stick with him as we move in case he needs aid keeping up. Just so you chaos understand, though, should find a spot to hole up within a half-hour, to make sure I can give Seven the help he needs.

  • Helps bind and move the officer.

    “Well, dat looks like dat. Anybody got a smoke?’

  • Lucky will grab the other MG and as many rounds as he can carry.

  • Hearing nothing except for a muffled “Drop the gun or Die!! Surrender!!” followed by a burst of machine-gun fire, Scope quickly enters the ruin to his north. He shoulders his rifle again, draws his knife, and prepares for close combat. His intention is to somehow navigate the ruin, circle back to the east wall of the original ruin (where the horse cart was) and assess the situation.

  • Bob Gamemaster

    FYI, you never did get a tarp/raincoat.

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