Recent Events: 10 Sept ’39

8 Sept:Polish defenders at Westerplatte surrendered
9 Sept: Battle of the Bzura begins.
9 Sept: British Expeditionary Forces (BEF) began landing in France.
10 Sept: Canada declared war on Germany.


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Rendezvous in Mewe – Pt. 12

At the Ruins: Pulling himself out from under the dead laborer, Seven gets to his feet, gritting his teeth at the pain coursing through him.  He focuses himself then  jumps out from behind the wall and throws his improvised device towards a cluster of German soldiers.  Perhaps it's the blood in his eyes, or maybe it's the agony of half a dozen pieces of shrapnel tearing at his body, but the grenade cluster goes well off it's intended target.  Unfortunately for one German soldier, it did not go quite far enough and he disappears screaming in a fiery explosion. The German infantry move up and consolidate their positions, going into the prone and preparing themselves for an assault on the Ruins. Scope quickly and quietly gets up and falls back through the ruins, repositioning himself to guard the flank and what might be the last avenue of escape. As Knuckles quickly prepares the MG for firing and tries to remain out of sight, Röcke puts a German helmet on his head and, while only showing enough of himself to give the idea of a German soldier, begins shouting, "Cease Fire! Cease Fire! We got them all!" Hearing Röcke's calls for cease fire, the Wehrmacht Officer immediately repeats the command then yells, "You in the building! Show and identify yourself immediately! Scharf!  I repeat...Scharf!" He then tells his soldiers to remain on their guard and ready to open fire. Getting Closer to the Ruins: Lucky and Suez continue to run up the hill, pushing themselves hard and getting close to the battle.  Suez gets a second wind and draws closer to Lucky, just a few steps behind him at this point. As another bright flash lights the night and the roar of an explosion reaches their ears, they realize it will only be another few seconds before they catch their first glimpse of what is happening at the ruins. GM Notes:
  • Seven, getting up from the prone takes 2" of movement, so you can step out, throw and step back into cover this round.  Everyone please note this fact.
  • Scope, since all you were doing was moving, I went ahead and rolled the extra d6 for running (which puts you at a -2 for other actions for the round, which is meaningless this round anyhow)
  • Röcke (and other German speakers), Scharf means "sharp, keen, hot, or spicy" more or less in German.  In case you wanted to know.  Yes, it seems like a non-sequitor.
  • Vitals Page has been updated.

26 comments to Rendezvous in Mewe – Pt. 12

  • Scope will quickly put his coat back on and low-crawl into the scrub at B22, and then take up a position (with his rifle) from which he can cover the open space south of the ruins. He will be ready to fade quickly to the west if the Germans attempt a running flank.

  • Question: How many bennies do we start with?

    • Bob Gamemaster

      3 per “session.” Normally this would be a gaming session. You can earn them during a game session by doing things that are over and above, are particularly cool or cinematic, or well done in-character roleplaying. How many are given out is a GM call based on how high action they want their game to be. Give out more and players will spend more and take more chances and do more cinematic things. Give out less and players tend to horde them.

      I will tend to give out a lot, but keep in mind that this is the first big combat we have had. Also, I am not quite sure where we will decide what ends a gaming “session” where everyone gets them replenished. You shouldn’t normally have small bombs going off next to you though. Even without them, it’s still hard to die, but you can get maimed quite a bit.

      Finally, the GM gets a number of bennies equal to the number of players to use on the bad guys.

  • So shouldn’t I have had 4 then? (since I was awarded one) If so, I would have re-rolled the attack roll.

    • Bob Gamemaster

      My narrative doesn’t include the fact that you did have one and I used it and you still missed. I should have mentioned that in GM Notes.

  • To paraphrase Mussolini — It’s not impossible to lead the Group 17 team, it is pointless…

    Since Seven’s Ubergrenade kind of undermine’s the whole we-got-them-all bluff, I guess its on to plan ‘D’… Out the window, in German, “Wait! Let me go get the Lieutenant!” I will duck out of the window, Knuckles and I will collect up the MG + ammo, and get ready to head downstairs. I think our only course of action is to sneak out of the place. We are not equipped to have a big fire fight with a German platoon, and we really can’t engage in a continual running battle all the way to the helmut and back to the coast. We need to disengage from these guys and get the heck out of the area before more Germans show up. They are all too dispersed now for an ambush…unless we could have sucked them into the courtyard, but that’s unlikely to happen now.

  • The bluff wouldn’t have worked for more than a round as you don’t have the password to respond to his challenge.

  • Bob Gamemaster

    The format isn’t helping you either and people are still learning the rules. We have been doing this for a couple months now, but this is still the first large combat you guys have been in. What you can do is use the time between rounds to do research, like Stielhandgranate could easily be used as booby traps because they had the pull string. Evidently by removing the delay fuse, they could be made to explode instantly when the cord was pulled. Germans used to do this and then leave grenades behind for the Allies to find. Guys would yank the cord and it would explode in their hand. Hook the cord to a wire and you have a nice improvised tripwire booby trap.

  • Lucky slows his pace a bit to fall in step with Suez, so they can formulate their next few actions.

    OOC: Is the flare still lighting things up? I am assuming that Suez and Lucky will not actually detect any soldiers until they are right on top of them, unless they hear the direction of gunfire or see muzzle flashes. Also, how many squares on the ruins map equals our movement?

  • Bob Gamemaster

    Some Advice:

    I am going to be kind to you non-infantry people and remind you all that when conducting mobile operations in urban terrain (MOUT), you need to be particularly aware of windows and doors, especially if they are wide open. It’s not just whether you remember to crouch down when passing said openings to avoid someone shooting you in the head at point blank range. It’s also about falling into the trap that somehow because you are on one side of a wall and the enemy is on the other, that you are safe when there are huge openings bullets and/or explosives can enter through.

    You need to let me know precisely where you are moving to. Going up/down stairs is 2″ of movement. Getting up from prone is 2″ movement. If you want to run, you can add +1d6″ movement to your pace (everyone has 6″ pace) but you are at a -2 for all actions for the round. 1 square on the map = 1″ of movement. Diagonals don’t count extra for movement.

    For the MG, it doesn’t take any real extra time to take it down (it’s not on a tripod, just a bipod, but remember you are at a -2 to fire with it if you move that same round.

    These are line soldiers. They may not be as impressive as you are, but they know how to act as a team and will use fire and maneuver techniques. What this means is one squad will act as a base of fire while the other team moves forward. One will keep you pinned down while the other moves into a position to execute the kill. It is a very effective technique that hasn’t really changed since WWII.

    The brush and trees they are in provide medium cover (-2 to hit). Being prone also gives a -2 to hit (not cumulative to other cover) to anyone who is more than 3″ away. Remember that you can aim to get a better to hit. Fully automatic weapons, like the MG can be fired on full auto (at -2) and used to do suppressive fire.

    Seven, you still have 8 grenades remaining in that case, plus the other ammo you grabbed.

    Most of all, remember this is about having fun. This is a rather slow format so you have time to discuss a plan. Relax and enjoy yourselves. If I wanted to kill you all, I would have just had a squadron of Stuka’s lay waste to the ruins.

  • I am having fun, especially when I ignore Dan’s orders! 🙂 I don’t see any avenue of escape without killing a lot more Nazis, and negotiating while they surround the building was a death sentence. The negotiation was a ploy to get more time for the German reinforcements to arrive and surround the building, they did it because it improves their tactical situation, not ours. There are holes to the South of the building and the front door, both exits are well covered. How do we “sneak” out and not get seen? We need to kill the officer and about half or more of the troops to have a chance. That window upstairs is an excellent firing position. That’s what I was trying to do with the grenade. I can’t throw very well right now, but I can still make booby traps and shoot and run slow. Seven will wire a booby trap (1 grenade) for the doorway and if time permits, head for the South exit by Scope after that, bringing the remaining grenades with me. He will move behind the burning cart, which should give smoke cover.

    • Bob Gamemaster

      You mean the doorway at P6 or J6? Where do you want to stand while you do that?

      Also, from dealing with online communities for so long, I tend to be over cautious and make sure everyone is enjoying themselves. Text on the screen, lacking body language and tone, has a tendency to be read in the worst light possible sometimes, especially if you had a crappy day in the real world. Granted most of you have known each other for years and insults are water off a duck’s back, but it costs me nothing to remind people to have fun.

  • The sentence “That window upstairs is an excellent firing position” was meant to be in parenthesis. Without it the meaning of the sentence after if is changed. BTW, a simple grenade dropped out that window could get 2 guys right there. Also, Seven is not in a negotiating mood after watching those poor Poles get wasted.

  • Bob Gamemaster

    One other thing to keep in mind, you can’t use a rifle to shoot someone in a square next to you, but you can use it as a club.

    Remember, in close combat fighting with bayonets, you only advance, never retreat. 😉

    What is the spirit of the bayonet? To Kill without mercy!
    What makes the grass grow? Blood Blood Blood!
    What two types of bayonet fighters are there? The Quick and the Dead!
    Which are you? The Quick! *charge at your target screaming insanely*

    Scope will now curse me for reminding him of this.

  • the door at P6. Also I think the answer to the officer’s challenge of “sharp” should be “cheese”. I didn’t get to play much with bayonets. They issued all the tankers a bayonet at the beginning of Desert Shield, then took them away from us 2 months later, due to all the accidental (but self inflicted) hand and foot injuries. Never give sharp pointy things to bored tankers.

    • Bob Gamemaster

      Well, if it comes down to fighting with a bayonet and you are a tanker, things have gone horribly wrong. When I was an M60 Gunner, they would issue you a sidearm. I had a n00b AG once who asked me why I had the sidearm. My response was, “To shoot you, then myself, because if the MG doesn’t stop them, this sure as hell won’t.”

  • Our first rule for Tankers was: “Never get off the tank.” Our second rule for Tankers was: “Never get off the tank.” We didn’t have a third rule.

  • OOC: Sorry Lars, Knuckles disagrees with your plan. Let’s think this through, we are in a very good position here. The Gamemaster is giving us time to talk about it, let’s use that time.

    Knuckles thinks we should stay and fight. Meanwhile Lars can do as he decides with the MG, I’m not helping dismantle it and will instead ready my rifle and be ready to move or stay depending on what the group as a whole thinks. Discuss.

    • No, you keep the MG….you can fire it without penalty. Get it ready and lets lay down some suppressing fire so others can lob out grenades. I will look around the bodies up here for more grenades so I can drop them outside as well.

      OOC: I realize the best fighting position is up here on the second floor, it just seems we are allowing ourselves to be trapped in here the loger we wait….but what the hell, I’m Navy anyway, so what do I know about crunchy fighting 😉 Knuckles and I can suppress from up here, but we have one wounded person as our maneuver element at the moment, and that doesn’t strike me as much of a workable plan. We’ll keep them busy from up here, but the folks downstairs will need to rout them somehow.

      • OOC: OK, I like that plan- Knuckles will keep the MG but I’d like to hear from Scope and Seven before he starts firing- if they say ‘Go’ Knuckles will let loose, starting with an aimed shot at the Kraut officer at Y3- IF he can see him. If he can’t, Knuckles will sweep that area at full auto to sough the seeds of terror. (That’s FINAL for me, unless plan and situation drastically changes)

        -Lars, Knuckles has a bunch of grenades from the cart so no need to go scrounge just yet, help yourself to these.

  • Knuckles plan sounds good to me- especially getting the office. (I was enlisted, can you tell? 🙂 ). The Germans have split their forces to cover each exit, we can concentrate our efforts on the northern group. If we can gun down quite a few with the MG, I can get a few with grenades, then Lucky and Suez can attack from the rear and clear the rest. Then we will have the front exit available.

  • Bob Gamemaster

    Okay, I have Knuckles and Rocke upstairs. Seven down outside the building stringing a booby trap at P6, Scope protecting the right flank, and Suez and Lucky running like mad. I will update in the morning. To be clear though, you can’t depress the muzzle of the MG to get the people right next to the building without basically holding the gun out the window and exposing yourself.

    Rocke, you gathered three grenades before you went upstairs, and threw one. You want to spend this round gathering more grenades?

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