Recent Events: 10 Sept ’39

8 Sept:Polish defenders at Westerplatte surrendered
9 Sept: Battle of the Bzura begins.
9 Sept: British Expeditionary Forces (BEF) began landing in France.
10 Sept: Canada declared war on Germany.


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Rendezvous in Mewe – Pt. 13

At the Ruins: The soldiers wait patiently for the order to attack.  Seven takes advantage of the moment of silence to move over and beginning rigging up a tripwire booby trap in the doorway. Röcke throws grenades out the window to the north and south.  The one to the south lands right on target and takes out a German soldier lying in the bushes.  The other grenade slips from his hands and falls well out of range of anyone to the north. Scope moves carefully and quickly through the rubble and takes up a location in the scrub, protecting the right flank. Lucky and Suez finally get close enough to start to see some of the muzzle flashes and the fires surrounding the ruins.  Finally they are in the fight. Seeing Röcke's actions, the Wehrmacht officer orders his men to attack and calls for suppressive fire.  A MG to the south opens up on the second floor window spraying the side of the building with bullets but failing to have any effect on either Röcke or Knuckles.   Another soldier throws a grenade through the lower window near the stairs to clear the room as other soldiers move closer to the ruins. Another MG fires full auto at Knuckles and manages to graze him with a bullet.  Knuckles grits his teeth, shakes his head and returns fire, aiming for the Wehrmacht officer.  The brush and trees around the officer explodes in a hail of leaves, twigs, bark and wood.  The officer goes to ground hugging the earth, shaken but alive. GM Notes:
  • Seven, your booby trap will be done at the end of your action next round.  You can still move after its done next round.
  • Knuckles, you were hit by MG fire for one wound, so I spent a benny for you, which left you shaken.  Then, on your action you made your Spirit roll (to recover) with a raise, which lets you act normally.  So you are down a benny on the deal.
  • Röcke, you didn't really give me an aiming reference other than 6' out and one left and one right, so I went out one square and did one grenade, one square to to the left (north)and one grenade, one square to the right (south).  The one to the north deviated well off the map.  By the way, throwing a grenade with each hand is a -2 to each action.
  • The Vitals Page has been updated.

12 comments to Rendezvous in Mewe – Pt. 13

  • Lucky: We can either move into the brush below the left end of the German line and begin picking people off by rifle, or work in closer and use the silenced pistols. The Welrod has a short range of 10. From the brush to the Germans’ left and slightly behind, we’d be hidden from everyone but the two Germans at the far edge of the line. It shouldn’t take too much luck for the enemy to assume that all shots are coming from the ruins and not realize that we’re behind them.

    We could get into position for medium-range shots this turn but might want to wait until we’re closer. Bob, just how quiet are these Welrods? I’d like to think that the MG a few yards from the left end of the line will cover any subtle noise that we make.

    I favor the silent approach, because once they know we’re here, they can turn that MG on us and with only leaves for cover, we’re toast.

    • Suez: Without a rifle, it might better to move in closer (Lucky waves the two Vis pistols in his hands).

      The silent approach works for me, though not too worried about making much noise once we get the jump on them. Might take a risk getting shot from our own, but it will be dark, we can keep moving amongst the trees, and we’ll definitely strike a bit a fear as they begin to realize they’ve become hunted from behind.

      How about the two Jerries to the south (rows 26 and 28)? Shouldn’t surprise the others to hear gunfire from that direction. Heh, heh.

    • Bob Gamemaster

      The Welrods are pretty quiet. In the noise of battle they are like cap guns going off more or less.

      “Hence the sound of a suppressed shot is best described as the sound of a .22LR percussion cap followed by the sound of a match being struck, the match-sound being the gases slowly seeping from the suppressor. Should the operator choose to reload the weapon immediately upon discharge, the hissing sound of the gases will then be replaced by a dull “plop” as the gases are now released at once under pressure through the chamber.”

      Quote above taken from this web site, where you can also listen to the noise it makes(scroll down to bottom of page).

  • Ok, 1 grenade this time… I’m chucking it out aiming at Z3. That way if it drifts, chances are it lands on the officer or the MG.

  • I’d say if the reinforcements can take out the 2 Krauts to the South and Scope removes the soldier with the MG that will improve things a lot. They will be confused for at least 1 round while they try to figure things out. Soldiers caught in a crossfire have low morale in general.

  • Don’t forget that everyone had 2 grenades to start with, including Lucky and Suez. Dan, there are 2 guys about to enter the building along our wall. (either thru the front door or thru the lower window) Since you go before them, you could drop the grenade at R5 or R6 and I think the blast will get them both. Just another option. Seven will finish his booby trap and move behind the burning cart to the rubble area. He will attempt to use any smoke or even play dead with the bodies around him if needed.

    • OOC: Yeah, I saw that, but I don’t think my character would have. If we aren’t playing that way…

      Röcke changes his mind and decides to instead drop the grenade in R5 onto the Germans he senses there.

      OOC: Is it still a -2 penalty to drop 2 grenades from the window to R5 & R6 below?? No throwing involved 🙂

    • As if guided by an invisible hand, Lucky feels the inner pockets of his coat and is comforted by the thought that he didn’t leave the grenades behind.

  • Scope takes aim at the machine gunner (at grid ?22). Under his breath, he says a “Hail Mary”, lets his breath out halfway, and fires.

  • Following Suez’s suggestion, Lucky continues to run a bit further in a northwesterly direction toward the line of trees behind the nearest enemies. The intent being to take a stealthy approach once close enough to attack from behind. He doubts anyone will see or hear them running in from behind the tree line in the dark with gunfire and grenades exploding.

  • OOC: Kudos to Suez on the use of the Welrod’s silencer, I love that gun.

    Knuckles will target that officer again, hoping that Scope can take out the Kraut’s MG.

  • There are 2 MGs but Scope is going for one.

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