Recent Events: 10 Sept ’39

8 Sept:Polish defenders at Westerplatte surrendered
9 Sept: Battle of the Bzura begins.
9 Sept: British Expeditionary Forces (BEF) began landing in France.
10 Sept: Canada declared war on Germany.


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Rendezvous in Mewe – Pt. 14

At the Ruins: Röcke drops a grenade out the window, but it's quickly becoming obvious that throwing is not his forte.  The grenade goes long but still kills one of the soldiers, blasting him up against the wall with a sickening crunch. The Wehrmacht soldiers react and begin to move up, one moving inside the building and taking up position near the base of the stairs. Scope breathes a sigh of relief as his shot strikes the machine gunner between the eyes.  Two German soldiers, waiting for a target to appear, instantly open fire on seeing the dim muzzle flash and hearing the gunshot.  One gets lucky and a shot grazes Scope's shoulder, leaving him dazed. The Wehrmacht Officer stands up, clearing his head, and continues to move through the brush trying to get close to the building while yelling at his soldiers to continue the attack. Knuckles replies with a wall of lead that drives the officer back to the ground, shaken, but resolute. With combat raging in front of them, Suez and Lucky move up quickly and quietly using the brush and trees for cover.  The muzzle flashes of German rifles and machine guns giving away the locations of their enemy. GM Notes:
  • Everyone, if you don't have a skill, like throwing, you roll 1d4-2.  That -2 penalty applies to your wild die as well.
  • Seven, nobody knows that you set up a booby trap in that doorway but you at this point.  Likewise, you are the only one who knows that a German soldier has infiltrated the building.  Also, I have you crouched by the dead horses.  Between them, the fire, smoke, and remains of the cart, you have good cover and concealment to the front.
  • Scope, you got hit and wounded, so I spent a benny to soak the damage, leaving you shaken.  Also, your first shot was complete crap, so I used a benny there as well to get you a second roll.  I figured killing the MG was important enough to warrant it.  I went ahead and made your Spirit roll and you made it with a raise, so you can act normally.
  • Knuckles, you actually hit and wounded the officer, but I spent a GM benny to reduce that to shaken status (GM down to 4 bennies).  The brush and cover isn't helping.  Made the difference in two other possible hits.
  • Suez and Lucky - Moved you up with a running action and made your rolls easily for being stealthy and all, especially with the two soldiers shooting at Scope.
  • Vitals Page has been updated.  Remember Joker gives you +2 to damage and +2 to all trait rolls.

7 comments to Rendezvous in Mewe – Pt. 14

  • Scope winces, rolls his eyes heavenward, and takes a shot on the (assumed) AG just to the north of the dead machine gunner. After this shot, hit or miss, he will fade behind the ruins (checkpoint @ A20) and then run north behind the building.

  • OOC: Throw?!? Dropping a grenade out the window is considered a throw?!?

    Unaware of his impending death in the third day of his first mission at the hands of a German at the foot of the stairs, Röcke will “throw” a grenade straight down out the window, “aiming” for R3…. with his current “skill” at throwing grenades, there is an outstanding chance it will someone hit the window still, bounce into the room, and explode, killing said German.

    • Bob Gamemaster

      If you want to drop the grenade in your own square, I won’t make you roll to hit.

      That’s not what you are doing though.

      You are sticking your head out the window, a window a MG strafed the last round, under combat conditions, at night, at a target you are acquiring on the fly, doing it in such a way as to preserve the cover bonuses granted by the window. Yes, it’s a throw. If you want to hang out the window, take your time and drop it precisely so as not to miss, I am sure the Germans would not mind the blindingly large and obvious target you will make.

      That’s what you get for growing up playing hockey and soccer. 😛

  • Seven will throw a grenade (he still has the box of 8 left) to R9. After the grenade has gone off he will shout in English: “Company downstairs! Mind my welcome gift!” He will stash the last 7 grenades on him and move to the rubble at E12.

  • Lucky and Suez move upward to the edge of cover in rows FF and GG (I think; looking at a small map on my phone), then get down to the business of picking off the two nearest Germans by pistol. We should be able to get into position without running and avoid the penalty. We’ll try to time our shots with bursts of German gunfire or after a grenade blast.

  • “Geez, who is dat guy? Captain Nazi? He outta be deader than a doornail by now!” 😀

    I’m going to give the invincible officer a break for a minute and target that MG at AA4.

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