Recent Events: 10 Sept ’39

8 Sept:Polish defenders at Westerplatte surrendered
9 Sept: Battle of the Bzura begins.
9 Sept: British Expeditionary Forces (BEF) began landing in France.
10 Sept: Canada declared war on Germany.


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Rendezvous in Mewe – Pt. 15

At the Ruins: Scope's shot at the AG misses and goes wide through the brush.  Cursing silently, Scope then moves back behind the wall and begins moving north. Seven carefully throws a  grenade while shouting a warning to his companions upstairs.  The grenade lands at the feet of a German soldier and explodes, leaving another smoking corpse on the battlefield.  Seven then moves south towards the ruins and rubble, his pace impacted by his wounds. Knuckles mows down the opposing German machine gunner and lets loose a triumphant shout of victory as he looks to acquire a new target. The Wehrmacht move up, infiltrating buildings and re-manning their MGs as they go.  The officer manages to regain his feet and moves inside the building as well. Finding their targets moved, Suez and Lucky move quietly through the brush and wait to close with the MG. Röcke drops a grenade out the window, and it bounces one square over, but unfortunately away from the building rather than through the window. Despite their losses, or perhaps because of them, the Germans seem determined to take the ruins.  It is inevitable that you lose people while attacking a defended position, but there is a breaking point. GM Notes:
  • Scope:  You see more ruins ahead of you, including what was probably a large dormitory at one time.  While roofless, it still has two story tall brick walls and blocks your path north in another 60 yards (10 squares).  You will need to enter it if you have any plans about circling around to the north and then east.
  • Since Lucky is out this week, Suez has kindly agreed to run his character, especially since they are grouped together with the same goals.  I am only pulling on initiative card for the Suez/Lucky duo while this goes on, like you would do for a PC and any followers they might have.  It just keeps things simpler.
  • The Vitals page is updated.

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  • Yahoo!

    OOC: Bob, I’m having a hard time making out who is who on the map at that resolution. Where exactly is the officer I wounded? Also, have they already re-manned the MG I just de-manned? 🙂

  • Suez and Lucky ignore the trooper who’s working toward the ruins and focus on the MG.

    Suez goes first. He’ll advance to row 28 and line up a shot on the assistant gunner. (I’m not sure how much the cover obstructs vision and movement. Are the white bubbles thin brush, low trees, or what?) If Suez muffs the shot, he’ll spend one bennie on a re-try, but no more. Then he drops prone.

    If the loader is still unshaken, then Lucky mirrors Suez’s turns. He’ll spend one of his lucky bennies trying again if he muffs the shot. If that assistant gunner is still active after all those shots, Lucky will drop prone, too.

    If Suez nailed the loader, then Lucky will dash into the cover behind the gunner, relying on his amazing Stealth for safety. If he doesn’t make it into cover, then he will fall prone.

    All of this assumes that the MG team holds position. If they displace, we’ll probably just close in again, but I might want to reassess, depending on where they go.

  • Having been alerted to the Germans downstairs (Thank you Seven), Röcke will go over to the stairwell, cook a grenade for 1 second, then toss it down the stairwell as a house warming present to the Germans below.

    OOC: How did all these German get in without setting off Seven’s grenade trap?!?

  • Scope’s immediate objective is to become invisible. If there is cover along the wall, he will (quietly) make a dive for it. If cover is not available, he will cling to the shadow of the wall as best he can.

    Dropping to his belly, he will cock open his jaw… and listen. Is the “dormitory” area of the ruin occupied? What are its structural details? Does it have a roof? Windows? A door?

    If the building (at least from out here) looks untenanted, he will make a run for the nearest aperture and enter the ruin.

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