Recent Events: 10 Sept ’39

8 Sept:Polish defenders at Westerplatte surrendered
9 Sept: Battle of the Bzura begins.
9 Sept: British Expeditionary Forces (BEF) began landing in France.
10 Sept: Canada declared war on Germany.


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Rendezvous in Mewe – Pt. 16

At the Ruins: A few of the German soldiers relocate, including the northern MG.  The others keep watch on the courtyard, trying to spot their enemy through the smoke,  haze, and flickering light obscuring everyone's vision. Seeing the MG team still in the same place, Suez sneaks up and takes a shot at the AG, timing it with a particularly large explosion from the burning cart.  It is so quiet, that the machine gunner's attention is still focused down field, unaware that his companion is dead.  Lucky races across the gap and drops to the prone before he is seen.  Elsewhere, Scope finds himself some cover and investigates his surroundings. The Wehrmacht Officer and one soldier grab the initiative and rush up the stairs.  The Officer shoots Röcke at point blank range with his Luger, but only grazes him, leaving him shaken, but still standing.  The soldier fires at Knuckles with his rifle, but Knuckles leaps at the soldier and the shot goes wide.  Knuckles follows up with a right cross to the face, driving the soldiers nose into his brain with a sickening crunch as he drops to the ground with a stunned look on his face...dead. Röcke draws his pistol and gets off a hasty shot, dazing the Wehrmacht officer, who catches himself against the wall shaken and white as he looks down at the dead soldier next to him. Seven moves into the rubble and crouches.  Peering around the corner he sees two soldiers confidently close for a single grenade and lobs one on target, killing one soldier and leaving the other shaken. GM Notes:
  • All of the plant life is a mixture of low lying hedges, brush and small trees.   It provides medium cover -2, but if 2 or more squares intervene, it acts as heavy cover (-4) as its difficult to see through, particularly at night.
  • Suez, I had to use a benny to ensure the hit on the AG.
  • Scope, the building looks more or less like this. There is plenty of cover between here and there if you just want to find a good hiding spot.
  • Knuckles, you got hit by that soldier with a raise (so shaken plus a wound).  I debated plenty what to do on this for you (take the wound, save the benny, but then you would be at a -1 to hit plus you would have to roll to be unshaken).  In the end, I decided to soak the damage and it worked out well, leaving you able to fight.  Textually, I wrote it off as the soldier missing you because you were jumping in to punch him.
  • Röcke, you got hit with 3 successes.  That officer rolled pretty crazy.  I used one of your bennies to get you to shaken status, no wounds.  You then made your spirit roll with a raise, so you could act normally.
  • Seven, I didn't have a move for you, so I used common sense.  The soldier across the way in the building (to the north) couldn't see you because of smoke (and I rolled crap), otherwise he would have taken a pot shot at you.
  • Things seem to be going your guy's way.  Time to close the deal.
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5 comments to Rendezvous in Mewe – Pt. 16

  • OOC: Joker! Nice! I will take my turn at the very start.

    With pistol still raised and pointed at the officer’s head, I will shout in German “Drop the gun or Die!! Surrender!!” Then I will defer to his phase and if he so much as looks like he’s going to try and fire again, I will go for the head shot from three feet away.

    OOC: Commander’s Intent: I want to find out how they knew we were going to be there and what else he knows. If I can get the officer to surrender, perhaps he can persuade the remaining soldiers to surrender as well. It might be handy to have some non-blood soaked German uniforms for the rest of the trip.

  • Seven will try to move to F14 and throw a grenade at the soldier in N14

  • sorry for the brevity, not much time right now and I wanted to make sure I get my move in

  • Looks like Röcke has the German officer under control. Knuckles will return to the MG and target the enemy MG again.

    “It’s just a scratch.”

  • Suez and Lucky close the noose on the m-gunner. Suez goes first. He stands up (2″) and moves right in for a close shot.

    Lucky moves up behind the gunner. If the brush slows down movement, then he probably can’t get close enough for a shot this turn even if he runs. If the brush doesn’t slow movement, then Lucky will go full bore and either shoot the gunner again (if necessary) or drop and grab the gun (if the gunner’s KIA).

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