Recent Events: 10 Sept ’39

8 Sept:Polish defenders at Westerplatte surrendered
9 Sept: Battle of the Bzura begins.
9 Sept: British Expeditionary Forces (BEF) began landing in France.
10 Sept: Canada declared war on Germany.


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Escaping the Gauntlet – Pt. 2

Everyone quietly gets into the rowboat, shoving off from the bank of the canal and rowing out into the river.  As you begin to cross the river, the German Officer makes a desperate attempt to throw himself over the side of the boat.  His bindings and poor position on the floor of the boat do not allow him any leverage and  he is quickly taken down with a blow to the back of the head by Röcke.  The boat tips alarmingly as everyone reacts to the escape attempt, but things are soon settled and the trip across the river is accomplished quickly and quietly. Finally your group is on the right side of the river, perhaps 200m south of the destroyed bridge.  There is plenty of cover here as the bank of the river is covered in brush and trees. GM Notes:
  • It is approximately 23:30 local time once you get across the river, get everyone off the boat, hide it reasonably well, etc.
  • There is more cover (brush and trees) closer to the river.
  • I need a general idea of how you want to move towards Marienwerder (Kwidzyn).  I provided two additional maps for you to make your plans.  They are identical, except one has a grid on it.  I think if you just give me general waypoints on the grid you want to move to, from you can choose your own course pretty simply.  Consider yourself in square I1 and the Cathedral to be in square BB28.
  • There are farm houses and fields as you move away from the river.  You can see a farmhouse and some out buildings to the SE of you in J2.  They are dark which could be because the family is asleep, or because they fled the fighting.
  • Also, the town of Kwidzyn is not as dense or large as shown here (hey, google maps is what it is).
  • Finally, an omission from previously, the German Officer also had a Very Pistol (well, the German equivalent) and 4 flares for it (2 white, 1 green, 1 red).
  • To answer Rocke's question late, no there weren't any tarps or raincoats on the dead.  Most likely these items would be left with their backpacks back at their rally point.
  • Knuckles, no you couldn't carry two machine guns.  At approx 23 lbs each, one is a sufficient burden.

8 comments to Escaping the Gauntlet – Pt. 2

  • Lucky stretches a bit, happy to be free from the confines of the smallish boat…and away from the water. Looking to Lars sheepishly, “Sorry about poking a bit of fun back there, sir. Just feeling a bit punchy at this point. This is not going well.” Fishing a cigarette out from somewhere deep within his coat, he places it between his fingers as to give himself a chance to think. He points to the fields beyond, “There is a place near here, Pastwa, sir. We should stay clear of the main road.” He wants to light it, but dares not.

    Looking to the others and back to Lars, “With empty farmhouses about, maybe we can get some clothes. Change our appearance, eh. Then head off toward Podzamcze for some food and intel. We could always cache the weapons in an abandoned place before entering town proper. From there could be transportation or back into the fields.”

  • Bob Gamemaster

    As a reference point for people who have never had to do it. 10 kilometers for well trained troops, on a road or across fairly level terrain, would take 2-3 hours max. That assumes being able to keep a consistent pace and the soldiers would not be particularly tired when they got there. In the modern army, moving 12-20km on foot to initiate combat is the routine for light infantry and/or airborne deprived of their planes.

  • Seven smiles. “Things are not so bad. We escaped, we have Thor’s journal and a chance to get the helmet, and we got to kill a lot of Nazis. Starting at Pastwa sounds good.”

  • I think we need to have a little chat with the German Officer before he departs our little band. I would like to head to one of the farm houses that look empty and see if anyone is in. If it looks like there is somewhere there, I would like to move East or Southeast to the next farmhouse until we find one, or start to get close to the road. Once we find one, we need to take the German down into the celler/basement and start asking questions (in German):
    1. Why did they attack us? (after all, we are fellow Germans..)
    2. How did they know where we were?
    3. What was his orders?
    4. Who gave him his orders?
    5. If the Germans were told about us, who told them?
    6. What does he think we are doing here?
    Any other ?s??

    I will ask him nicely once….if he refuses to answer, then I will invite others on the team to ask the same question in a manner of there own choosing 😉

    Once the first round of questions are done, I think we need to read Thor’s journal before we go any further to see if there is any information we need about how to get there and people to contact. I will do this in another room, along with Seven for any Latin parts. Other folks can scrounge for food, clothes, etc that might be useful…as long as there are two people guarding the officer.

  • Knuckles agrees with Seven, things are not bad at all! He also thinks Röcke is right and that we should find out what he knows as :I’m gettin’ tired of babysitting dis kraut mug.” t all times Knuckles keeps a shar eye for trouble and is ready and eager to kill.

  • “Sir, ask him (the Kraut) what he knows about the helmet!”

  • Scope glances at Seven on this comment, and raises an eyebrow. He then significantly touches his nose with the tip of his forefinger and then shakes his head. (OOC: never ask an enemy a question that reveals more of you to him than him of you.)

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