Recent Events: 10 Sept ’39

8 Sept:Polish defenders at Westerplatte surrendered
9 Sept: Battle of the Bzura begins.
9 Sept: British Expeditionary Forces (BEF) began landing in France.
10 Sept: Canada declared war on Germany.


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Escaping the Gauntlet – Pt. 3

Drawing closer to the farmhouse, you see that it has been hit by shelling and while a rough structure still remains, it is uninhabitable.  On the other side of the house lies a small barn, half full of the hay from the fall cuttings. The farm is very quiet, it seems the locals have left, with good reason, and taken what livestock they could with them. You can see tire and track marks cutting across the fields that let you know the Germans have passed through here  within the last couple of days. Taking up residence inside the barn, you find a good location to take a break and shine a little  light on your prisoner and the journal. Tying the officer to a pole, Röcke begins with his questioning. Oberleutnant Hans Schöber responds to the initial battery of questions with his name, rank and serial number, citing the Geneva convention with a superior smirk on his face.  "You are obviously not locals, at least half of you don't even seem to speak German or Polish, but I hear French and was that English earlier? You are soldiers of the French, maybe the English?  You realize that running around out of uniform makes you spies and the Geneva convention does not apply to you?  When you are caught you will be lined up and shot...if you are lucky." The interrogation continues in this vein and Röcke finally waves his hands in the air in disgust.  "Seven, you ask him the questions, Knuckles, you punctuate the questions so he understands we mean business." Röcke then withdraws to the shadows of the barn, out of sight of the German.  After demonstrating his command of both Polish and German, Seven begins asking the questions again. When the German doesn't reply, Knuckles lands a series of blows that are designed to cause maximum pain, never saying a word and smiling serenely at the German all the time as if they were having drinks after a long day of work.  The German stays resolutely quiet for as long as he can, but in the end, he begins answering the questions:
  • Oberleutnant Schöber says his orders were to complete the ambush on the partisans with an intent to capture as many as possible with special emphasis on the old German, Erich Weiss, being captured alive if possible. These orders came from his commanding officer at HQ. The other squad was to work with "Tiny," who was evidently a German agent, to bring you in close before attempting a capture.
  • He does not know how they knew you would be there, only that "intelligence reports" said you would be there at some time that evening.  This information was relayed to him by a Sturmbannführer (a SS Major) Johann Hartmann in the presence of the C.O.  He had never seen Hartmann before and other than giving this information and stressing the importance of capturing Erich Weiss, Hartmann did not say anything.
  • He was not given information on who you are or what you were doing.  You were simply partisans to be captured and turned over to HQ.
Further interrogation leads to no new information and while Seven and Röcke pour over the journal, everyone else checks their weapons and relaxes for a few moments. In terms of scrounging around the farmhouse, it looks pretty picked over for food and the house looks a bit dangerous to go scrounging through. GM Notes:
  • Please keep in mind that it's early in the war and aside from Seven, who is watching his country be decimated, none of  you really have any personal grudge against the Germans other than you might have growing up in the shadow of WW I.
  • Knuckles was chosen as the "Punctuator" because he is the only one of you with the Intimidate skill and he is both strong and has a high Fighting skill as well as the Martial Artist edge.  In other words, he knows where and how to punch someone to hurt them (while doing the least amount of real damage) and he can be scary about doing it.  Knuckles, I hope my portrayal of you does not offend.  I figured with the language gap, the disconnect between a serene smiling face and brutal violence would make for maximum psychological effect.
  • Oberleutnant Schöber is just a 1st Lt.  in a line infantry company.  They aren't going to give him information he doesn't need to accomplish his mission.
  • The journal is about the Helmet, its history, and most importantly, how to access it in the Cathedral and how to use it, although the descriptions and explanations are not as clear cut as you would like.   I will post the images of the journal late tomorrow or Saturday in their own post.  There is nothing in it that will affect any decisions you have to make about getting to the Cathedral, but it will affect what you will do once you arrive.
  • When you leave it will be 00:30, Sept 11th.

4 comments to Escaping the Gauntlet – Pt. 3

  • Knuckles smiles serenely as he put’s his namesakes to good use.

    OOC: I’m totally fine with what you did Bob, that’s exactly how I would have played it, well done! That’s the kind of role I envision for the character, he’s the group’s all round thug and assassin. 🙂

    “Hey, since he sez we are spies and dat ‘Geneva Concoction’ don’t apply to us, I say we whack this kraut once we’re done wid ‘im, sose he don’t give us away to his pals.” (the shadow of WWI was enough to make Knuckles dislike Germans, especially now that they started another war)

  • Whilst business is being taken care of inside, Lucky goes outside to keep watch.

  • I think we head out towards Pastwa and then angle across the farm land towards the edge of town where the Cathedral is located. Hopefully we can find a place to hole up before dawn. Then we can figure out what our next steps are going to be.

    As for the German officer, I am opposed to killing him, but I also don’t want him interfering with our op. I was thinking about a little misdirection to get him thinking that we are going in a different direction. This would envolve chatting at the edge of his hearing about heading in a direction other than toward the Catherdral … like Bladram and beyond. Once that is done, we take all his clothes and leave him tied up here. Maybe someone will come along and rescue him….maybe a Polish farmer will find him and run a pitchfork through him, or maybe no one will find him till he starves.

    OOC: We will be taking the officer’s uniform for sure. Who would it fit on?

  • OOC: Hey, let me know when we start playing again! I’m getting out of the habit of checking here.

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