Recent Events: 10 Sept ’39

8 Sept:Polish defenders at Westerplatte surrendered
9 Sept: Battle of the Bzura begins.
9 Sept: British Expeditionary Forces (BEF) began landing in France.
10 Sept: Canada declared war on Germany.


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In March 1938 the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS, also known as MI6) formed a section known as Section D, under Major Lawrence Grand, to investigate the use of sabotage, propaganda and other irregular means to weaken an enemy. Subsequently, when the Ahnenerbe and Thule Society began extensive investigation into the supernatural and occult, under the cover of archaeological and cultural operations, Section D created Group 17 with the express purpose "to monitor, confound, misdirect, deny, and destroy any opportunities German scientists and researchers may discover or develop in these unique areas of investigation."
Top Secret Overseer charts the exploits of Group 17, from Section D (for Destruction) of MI6, a forerunner of the Special Operations Executive (SOE). This is a play-by-blog campaign using the Savage Worlds Weird Wars II campaign setting (with alterations). You are welcome to peruse the site, but only members of the campaign can comment.

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