Recent Events: 10 Sept ’39

8 Sept:Polish defenders at Westerplatte surrendered
9 Sept: Battle of the Bzura begins.
9 Sept: British Expeditionary Forces (BEF) began landing in France.
10 Sept: Canada declared war on Germany.


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Escaping the Gauntlet – Pt. 3

Drawing closer to the farmhouse, you see that it has been hit by shelling and while a rough structure still remains, it is uninhabitable. On the other side of the house lies a small barn, half full of the hay from the fall cuttings. The farm is very quiet, it seems the locals have […]

Escaping the Gauntlet – Pt. 2

Everyone quietly gets into the rowboat, shoving off from the bank of the canal and rowing out into the river. As you begin to cross the river, the German Officer makes a desperate attempt to throw himself over the side of the boat. His bindings and poor position on the floor of the boat […]

Escaping the Gauntlet – Pt. 1

On the Move: After loading themselves up, the team gathers themselves together and moves out into the night. The German officer, bound and gagged doesn’t seem too interested in keeping up a brisk pace, and Seven’s leg causes problems, but the group maintains a decent pace away from the ruins, given its night in […]