Recent Events: 10 Sept ’39

8 Sept:Polish defenders at Westerplatte surrendered
9 Sept: Battle of the Bzura begins.
9 Sept: British Expeditionary Forces (BEF) began landing in France.
10 Sept: Canada declared war on Germany.


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Campaign Info Loosely speaking, Weird War II is a WWII setting where, because of the massive amounts of carnage, violence, despair, torment, etc taking place around the world, strange occurrences begin to happen.  The Nazi's try to capitalize on this in various ways.    I am not going to stick really close to the Weird War II setting so much as make heavy use of their rule set because it combines everything you need for WWII with monsters, supernatural and super-science.We will start off in 1939 with Germany invading Poland.  The war will start off according to history, it may change because of what arises in the game, it may not.  Count on a certain amount of alternative history.  In fact, it may not be alternative history at all, it might be "Need To Know" history. Not everything that happens in war makes it to the history books. You will all be members of a newly formed test group (that will go on to become part of the SOE in 1940). For more info on the SOE:
Since the SOE is a British affair, you all should be members of the Commonwealth, but allowances can be made for good character conceptions.  If you want to play an American, French, etc, that is fine, just make him/her have dual citizenship.  You cannot be SAS, Commando, U.S. Army Ranger, or other special forces yet as none of those exist in 1939.  That is not to say that you cannot have some of those skills (or that training may become available later).  Everyone needs to speak more than one language. Klingon is not an option.  So you can be an Australian Sniper, or a Canadian Demolitions Expert or whatever strikes your fancy.  As long as we don't have 5 snipers or 5 fighting 71L's (accounting clerks to you non-Army people), we should be fine.
Think of this, in some ways, like a Cthulhu campaign, in that your character should have some reason for giving a crap about the paranormal.  Maybe they were in college at Miskatonic University, grew up in voodoo country, are well known for their water divining skill, had a run in with a Thugee Cult, are mechanically minded and view everything as super science with realistic explanations, or they are skeptics who just don't believe in that sort of nonsense and are out to prove that everything can be killed with a well placed bullet. It does not have to be a huge hook, but the interest, or potential for interest, should be there.Your character should be a member of the military of some sort.  Army, Navy, Marines, RAF, etc.  Ground skills are probably most important, but having someone with good watercraft skills and someone else with a modest bit of piloting could come in handy for infiltration/extraction.
Character Creation
Use the Savage Worlds Character Assistant and/or the Savage Worlds Character Creation Checklist to check your math. Follow the normal rules for creating a character for Weird Wars II with the following changes.
  1. Advances: Give yourself two advances (10 xp)- This represents your "elite" nature which allowed you to be picked for this special unit. It also reflects your skills that add to the team, which may not be strictly combat related. This allows someone to have piloting skill, but essentially be an Infantryman, for instance.
  2. Languages: You get half your Smarts die in languages (this includes your native language).  For these languages we will consider characters to have fluency and the languages to be common knowledge to them (no die roll).  If the conversation is particularly obscure or technical, that will be a smarts roll or a knowledge skill roll to understand the meaning.  Example: if Stephen Hawking started talking theoretical quantum physics to me.  As an English speaker, I could understand the words he was saying, but the meaning would be lost on me as I don't have a thorough background in that field. If people want to add languages beyond these, they will have to buy the dice, however.
  3. Survival: Everyone gets Survival d6 for free, for one climate/terrain of your choice. Again, this reflects your training.
Requirement: Everyone needs a good WWII style nickname, like Guy "Whitey" Leblanc, the French-Canadian explosives expert who once cut it a little too close with his timing.  The resultant explosion and shock turned his hair prematurely white.  The reasons for your nickname, can be secret if you wish, but the nickname is public knowledge.
Requirement: Write a 2-3 paragraph bio of your character as a dossier entry that other players can read.

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